Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Week in Review (March 23 - March 29)

Tuesday (9,380 steps) - Work in the office. Nothing too exciting, except we may have "done a thing."
Wednesday (18,810 steps) - Work from home. Took Pika for a longer walk (on pavement) because the trails are still a disaster. Did a Peloton ride and then when I got off work Ben and I went for a run together. I ran pretty well and I was impressed he didn't make me feel bad for being slower, and there was very little complaining about running on pavement. Power Abs.
Thursday (17,567 steps) - Work from home. After I took A to school, I ran a quick errand...
Took Pika for a walk at lunch. We barely missed crossing paths with two coyotes. The second one was injured, and we watched him hobble away on three legs :(
After work I met up with Kristin for a run at the lake. She insisted that the lake wasn't that muddy, and the further north we went, it really wasn't. It was a bit further than I planned, but I was glad to get out and get 5 miles done after work. It's been really hard to get back into consistent training.
Met Ben at New Image for happy hour and to celebrate our six month wedding anniversary!
Power Abs.
Friday (9,562 steps) - Work in the office. After work I headed over to Berkeley to pick up a new shirt and somehow ended up being there until they closed...
Ben came by after we got off work, then we took Phil out for a beer at Call to Arms before heading home.
Saturday (25,096 steps) - Long run! Ariel actually agreed to join us, and we headed to Morrison to run the 10 mile paved loop. The weather was really nice and I actually felt pretty good this time.

The run was really pretty great until we hit a substantial headwind after getting off Dino Ridge. That part was miserable. We did notice that Green Mountain was taped off, so it's a good thing I preemptively planned to run pavement, as the trails are still REALLY muddy. Maureen really wanted to get her monthly half marathon, but I had no interest in three more miles. We agreed to meet at Green Mountain Brewing, but realized after arriving they didn't open until noon, so we headed over to New Terrain instead. Took Pika for a walk when we got home and Power Abs. Otherwise, no recollection of the afternoon...
Sunday (17,047 steps) - Kristin picked me and Pika up to go to Cherry Creek Reservoir to run with Alexa. 
I'll admit I was nervous for this one, as Alexa (and Kristin) are both faster than I am. Kristin did have Ringo, however, and while our moving pace was SUPER fast (for me), it was really good! Outside of getting "lost" and doing nearly a mile and a half longer than planned, it was a good run and at almost 7.5 miles, probably the farthest I've run with Pika!
Lounged around on the couch. Ariel went to meet a friend for the afternoon. We did our Power Abs video to get it out of the way, and then I picked up A. Tyler was finally back from Utah and he came over for happy hour. We were also treat to a GORGEOUS sunset. I love that we have a backyard now!
Koda and Pika - so pathetic!

Our fire pit area has been AMAZING during COVID

Monday (11,022 steps) - Work in the office. Power Abs and a Peloton ride when I got off work. That's about it. Boring day.

  • 108,484 steps
  • 27.17 miles run
  • 25 minutes Peloton
  • 0 minutes rowing
  • 50 minutes cross training

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