Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Week in Review (July 14 - July 20)

Tuesday (18,926 steps) - Work in the office. First volunteering gig in almost a year! Headed to Zorro trail after work to do some trail maintenance. Made it about 45 minutes in before it started to lightning & thunder. Laurie suggested we get off the mountain and wait it out - turned out to be a big storm, glad I was waiting in the car when it started pouring.
Wednesday (39,176 steps) - Work from home, walked Pika at lunch. Boulder after work with Tyler. We opted to do a different route. Fern was pretty intense, I'm not sure I've ever gone up it, but I think I have come down it before. Eeep. 

Interestingly, I had my fastest mile coming down Bear. (Not EVER, just the fastest since I got this watch, which was after Tahoe). 
Thursday (27,182 steps) - Work in the office. Stopped into Berkeley Park to pick up the Hokas that Ben and I had ordered before meeting Ben at Apex for a run! I let Ben pick our route and he chose to go all the way up Enchanted before come down Argos. Unfortunately for US, it was a bike "down" day, and it was NOT fun going up. We did speak with a ranger on our way down, and he indicated that starting in September it was going to be split usage. That'll help a lot.

Friday (24,767 steps) - Work from home, walked Pika during lunch.

Got off work a bit early and went to happy hour at New Image. 
Grocery shopping and pizza, since we were too lazy to cook. Late night porch happy hour with Mike.
Saturday (12,958 steps) - Woke up not feeling great, so skipped a run and stayed in bed. Apparently took no pictures except for this funny one of Batman and Pika eyeing each other on the stairs. 
Went to Berkeley Park to celebrate their 3rd anniversary. It was a bit more crowded than we felt comfortable with, so we didn't stay that long.
Sunday (37,744 steps) - Up STUPID early so that we could meet Tyler and Jeramiah for a run at a new to all of us trail. With a name like BEN TYLER, how could we not?? Our friends who had done this trail before told us the lot was small and fills up early, so we were parked by 6 am (and it was an hour drive to get there).  

There was no running for us on the way up, which was nice. A decent amount of climbing, close to 3300' in less than six miles. The best part was not seeing a SINGLE person until we got to the summit.  

Tyler getting a picture of Ben taking a selfie :) 
The day took long enough that the local brewery was actually open when we finished, so we stopped in for a beer before heading home.
Porch beer with Tyler, then a nap before having dinner. Where do the weekends go??
Monday (34.175 steps) - Work from home. Saw a juvenile hawk just hanging out on the fence on our afternoon walk with Pika.
And then we finally saw one of the owls again on our evening walk. 

  • 160,753 steps
  • 26 miles run

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