Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Week in Review (March 31 - April 6)

Tuesday (32,735 steps) - Long run after work. I planned a "newer" route that ended up being a lot better than running north to the end of the trail. Ended up being 9.3ish miles. Felt good during most of it, until the last mile or so. Oof.

Ariel did a really cool presention for school - sometimes the online school thing seems to be working

Wednesday (26,012 steps) - Work from home. More walks.

Ariel and I had a craving for Chinese food, which we picked up from a local place during lunch. I then "very dumbly" decided that I would do the Rev Run Tuesday speed work out. Luckily there was a port-o-potty on the trail, and I felt a bit better after that. I was able to get some fast intervals in and ended up with just over 5 miles. Pretty solid.

Trivia with Greg, and we came in last. Again.
Thursday (11,295 steps) - Weather was shit, so outside of taking Pika for a walk in the morning, I did all my steps on the treadmill while watching Ozark. That's a pretty crazy show, if you haven't seen it. Fun zoom call with a bunch of Runners Edge people.
Friday (16,968 steps) - Another icky weather day, but I did go out on walks with Ben and Pika. Thanks to the newest "recommendations," it appears that we will be wearing buffs over our faces every time we leave the house. Sigh.

Saturday (21,417 steps) - Not a ton of motivation today, but Ben and I went out and ran the south side 6 miler that I like.
Zoom call with Eliot for his birthday. I guess virtual conversations are better than no conversations?

Sunday (44,356 steps) - Well, today was supposed to be the Paris marathon. Ever since the race was off, I haven't been running anything crazy long. I told Ben I was thinking about running 10-12 miles, but ended up running about 15. I had pre-programmed run/walk intervals in my watch, which worked out nicely. My overall pace was only maybe 30 seconds slower than average for a long run, but I felt pretty good the whole time.

Bald eagles!

We had gotten confused over when Easter was, and we had bought a ham the last time we were at the store. After our Zoom call with Belmar friends, we made Easter dinner. We even got dressed up, although apparently there are no pictures to prove that.
Yes, more walks with Pika.

Monday (17,944 steps) - Work from home. Again. Nothing exciting. Weather was pretty decent and we went on some walks with Pika.

  • 170,727 steps (between a step challenge at work and Fitbit challenges, I've really "stepped up" my steps!
  • 35.5 miles run
  • No gym, still :( 

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