Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Week in Review (April 14 - April 20)

Tuesday (23,211 steps) - Work from home and another chilly day. I think everyone is getting pretty tired of being locked up. Ran a pretty crappy four miles.

Wednesday (22,999 steps) - Another "just under 5" mile run. Blah.

Thursday (12,524 steps) - More. Freaking. Snow. I think that is the one good thing about quarantine and working from home. At least I don't have to drive in this crap.

Finally got the shirt that I ordered a month ago. Wow, the mail sure is even slower than usual with this quarantine nonsense.
Friday (13,014 steps) - Work from home. Walking Pika.
Saturday (29,660 steps) - Long, but not really that long, long run. Opted for Big Dry Creek, even though I am so so so so tired of running that. (Even though I haven't run it with any reguarlity for a long time. Maybe it's PTSD).
Yanny the Yak is missing :(

Ariel went for a run while Ben and I were walking Pika, and we got some pretty cool pictures of her on the shoreline. 
Sunday (21,908 steps) - Ben and I ran a really crappy short 3.5ish mile run. Blah. Worst I've felt all quarantine. Another Zoom Mexican Bingo!
More Pika...

Monday (19,509 steps) - Work from home and walking...

  • 142,825 steps
  • 19.5 miles run

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