Thursday, May 31, 2018

Week in Review (May 22 - May 28)

Tuesday (14,154 steps) - Up at 3:55 so I could be on the shuttle by 4:30 to the airport. Since I had my trekking poles with me I had to check my bag. The lines were long at the KLM counter, but it moved fairly quickly and I was through security in no time. The Budapest airport does a funky thing where they don't announce the gate you'll be at until about 45 minutes before it pushes back. So while I was waiting I sat in the food court and ate my bagel with peanut butter. The flight to Amsterdam was uneventful. Out of every connection I had, this was the tightest! I stopped briefly to pick up Sbux city mugs for Ruth, the only stop I made in the airport. By the time I got through passport control & Delta's customs, through the gate, I was on the plane with just 8 minutes until we pushed back. Eeek! I sat next a pleasant woman from Kansas City, and we chatted occasionally through the flight. Mostly, though, I was watching movies. This flight I watched I, Tonya, The Commuter, dozed off a bit during Murder on the Orient Express, Happy Death Day, and part of Dirty Dancing. We landed on time in Minneapolis, and customs there was about as seamless as I've ever been through. Certainly better than when we came through New York last year. The only middle seat I had was on this flight. I watched another movie on my phone, and once again, we landed on time. By the time we deplaned and I got to baggage claim my bag was already there. I was dropped off at my car shortly after 4. Home by 5:10. Immediately threw my disgusting race clothes in the laundry. Once A got dropped off we went to Red Robin for a belated birthday dinner, stopping at Kneaders for cake on the way home. I barely made it to 8:30 before I crashed. Longest day ever.
Wednesday (17,330 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder! Special run club with a BBQ provided by Saucony, so thankfully, we had a modified trail run that didn't go up into the hills. Actually not the worst run, considering what I had done over the weekend.

We stuck around until about 8. Had to stop at Target on the way home because A decided she needed tights to wear for her continuation.
Thursday (10,225 steps) - A's last day of 6th grade! How did this happen??

We opted to skip run club so that we could go out to dinner to celebrate her last day of elementary school.
Friday (10,965 steps) - Barre with Kelly! Extra tough, since it was my first class in 12 days! Dropped my car off at the dealership for brakes, and got a call later in the evening that I had a gash in the sidewall of one of my tires. OF COURSE I DO.
Saturday (13,313 steps) - Team run at 8:00 in Lone Tree. A decided to walk with Ang and I ran with Mo. It was insanely hot, and we all struggled.

Stuck around at the store until almost noon, socializing and eating. Arrived at the dealership to pick up my car and THE TIRES HAD NOT BEEN CHANGED. Urg. We ended up having to sit there for over an hour and a half while they got the work done. Such a pain.
Sunday (10,366 steps) - FINALLY got a great night's sleep, over 10 hours! Went to barre at 9:30. After lunch we went up to Runners Roost Boulder to help out with the last minute Bolder Boulder packet pick up.
Monday (18,469 steps) - Bolder Boulder!! (Recap to follow). We got back to the store just after 12:30. We went to Under the Sun for food and drinks, until about 3:00.


  • 94,822 steps
  • 16.7 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

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