Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Week in Review (January 2 - January 8)

Tuesday (12,228 steps) - Barre with Kelly.
For some reason, this speaks to me :)
Special run club from the Denver store for the Runners Roost Strava streak challenge kickoff. Since Denver normally runs on Wednesdays the turnout was tiny, and we figured our chances of winning were pretty good. Ran a 5K loop with Susan, Mo, Kristen and A. We did NOT win. Womp.
Wednesday (17,832 steps) - Runners Roost Boulder for THEIR Strava streak kick off.
In the bottom picture with the trail runners
We ran the trail run again, and I was NOT in very last place for the first time ever, and even PR'd some segments. However, I still had the horrifically tight calves and dead legs in the beginning. The trails were pretty icy, but only one fall (not on the ice, toe caught a rock on a descent).
THEN, I won the raffle for a free pair of New Balance shoes! (And I also won a raffle for the normal store giveaways, but declined to accept that one so someone else could win. Maybe I won more free shoes - the brand I wear anyway - because of good mojo I got for giving my free pair of Asics to a random person?)
Thursday (9,661 steps) - Belmar run club! We barely made it there in time because traffic was terrible. Started out running with Samm and Dulce, but after a bit I ended up just walking with Ang because my legs were just not into running.

Victory! 50+ run clubs with Belmar run club!
Friday (10,692 steps) - Barre with Sasha. Quick walk to the lake with A before taking her to a Girl Scout sleepover.

I had big plans of watching Game of Thrones, but the next episode I need to watch is currently not available?? Womp.
Saturday (16,758 steps) - Runner's Edge Aurora! I vaguely remember this route from last year - HILLY! A ran 5 with Alison and I did 7 with the group. It wasn't as hard as I remembered (although I had run 100 miles at ATY last year).
Stuck around at the Aurora Roost for Flippin' Flapjacks for a bit before heading home. Quick stop at the store, otherwise the entire day was spent watching TV.
Sunday (19,724 steps) - My first "race" in 5 weeks. RMRR January Trophy Series 10K. A had big plans to PR (which she did! 55:29!) and I just hoped to not be miserable. I went out a bit too fast the first mile and struggled between miles 2 and 3. Interestingly/sadly, this is the fastest I've run a 10K since May 2015. Oof.

Time - 1:05:59
Distance - 6.23 miles
Pace - 10:35
Mile 1 - 9:46
Mile 2 - 11:03
Mile 3 - 11:45
Mile 4 - 11:00
Mile 5 - 10:18
Mile 6 - 9:50
Mile 6.23 - 9:41

4th place (handicap) for A! I think that is her third ribbon from RMRR!
Headed home for lunch and TV. Around 2:45 I met up with Kristin and Alison for a run in Boulder. Unfortunately it was crazy windy, so we only ran 3 miles.

Picked up A on the way home for dinner at Kristin's house. Planning session for our May vacation (SO EXCITED) and delicious dinner with friends.
Individual creme brulee?? Yes, please!
Monday (9,579 steps) - Brisk walk around Lake Arbor after A's Scout meeting.

  • 96,474 steps
  • 30.8 miles run
  • 2 barre classes

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