Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Week in Review (December 20 - December 26)

Tuesday (12,502 steps) - Took A to student council before school, which meant I was at work early. Went to Laura's barre class during lunch. Usual sneak out a few minutes early to get A to gymnastics on time. Once we got home we had to make frosting for her graham cracker house project at school. Dinner, bed.
Wednesday (14,762 steps) - Run club after work/school.
A decided she would rather walk with Norah and Maureen than run with Heather and me. We did a few icy miles with Colfax. Didn't spend too much time at the store after as we had to get in bed early for A's crazy flight to Texas in the morning.
Thursday (18,400 steps) - Up at 3:03 am. Yes, 3:03 AM, for A's flight to Texas that was scheduled to leave Denver at 5:45 am. We headed out the door around 3:25. Car was parked by 4, and we were at the gate by 5. Her flight was on time, and they even pushed back a few minutes early. I got ready in the gym locker room and was at my desk by like 7:15 am. That meant that I could go to Laura's barre class again at lunch. After work I headed over to the Lakewood store. Heather had bailed, so it was just Colfax and me again.

Went to Rocko's and ended up staying until 10:45. Party animal.
Friday (28,768 steps) - As a result of being a party animal I was exhausted. I took a quick shower so I didn't look like a homeless person and got to work at 9 (yay for no traffic). I had a very busy morning and even left late because I couldn't get everything done. I barely made it to a noon barre class - last one before the holiday. Since I was off work in the daylight, I opted to drive down to Waterton Canyon for a longish run. I got a few miles in before I realized that I couldn't go too far because it would be getting dark earlier in the canyon. Did 8 miles, that were actually pretty chilly. It was really pretty, but I was bummed to not see any sheep!

Had to stop at the grocery store on the way home (ack, why would I do that???). I spent the evening making pumpkin cheesecake.
Saturday (20,255 steps) - Yay for an unofficial Runners Edge run!! I was hoping to do the full distance, but the people in my pace group weren't going quite that long. The run was at South Table in Golden, and I was really excited for it because I had not run out there before. Immediately I was the very last person, I have been having the angry calves again. The first 2/3 of a mile were on the road, and then a gradual incline up to the mesa. That section wasn't too bad, and I did see some deer off on the other side mesa, but too far away for a picture. Once were about a mile and half up, the rutted sections with ice started. Gotta say this was not my favorite part of the run. By the time we were heading back down it was SUPER muddy (since it was so sunny). Managed to get 7 miles in.

Hard to tell, but that's mud on the back of my legs
Took a shower, had lunch, watched TV, then went over to Jessa's for Christmas Eve dinner around 3. We actually ate on time, and then we watched Clue (isn't that what normal people watch on Christmas?) I was home by about 7, hoping to get a nap in before the Sufferfest. Alarm went off at 10:55, although I was already up. Drove down to Wash Park, and was parked by about 11:45. Happy to see Stacy, and asked if she minded if we ran together.
Sunday (32,238 steps) - Midnight on the dot, and we were off. Thankfully, we didn't actually do much running. Stacy was more hoping for time on her feet and that was fine by me. We started on the outer loop, but it was icier than we expected so the two of us moved to the road and never saw anyone else as a result. The temps were actually pretty mild, and we got 7 miles in before calling it quits.
I was home by about 2:30, but couldn't sleep. I ended up staying up and having a beer and it was probably 3:45 before I was able to fall asleep. Up at 9:30 or so. A facetimed me while I was having breakfast. Maureen texted me around 10:45 and asked if I was up for more miles at Sufferfest/Wash Park. The wind had really picked up, but I was getting antsy so I met her down there. We headed out around 11:45.  I ran about 4.5 with Colfax before we met up with Mo and walked another 1.3 or so.
Mandatory selfie with Colfax
Matchy matchy jacket twins!
It was so windy that they ended up calling the whole event. Bah. We went to IHOP and had a late lunch, which was fun. Did most of my packing for Across the Years and watched "Finding Traction" on Netflix.

Monday (17,242 steps) - Tried to sleep in. Couldn't. Cleaned the house a bit and then went to a 10:15 barre class. It was so nice and sunny that Mo and I went to Denver Beer and even sat on the patio. We got some grilled cheese and tomato soup from the food truck, and it was delicious.
Quick stop at home before taking my car back to Just Brakes for them to put in  my sensor and look at my tire (which they apparently never did fix the first time around). The work took an hour. Went to Target and picked up some groceries, stopped at Kneaders for a German chocolate brownie, then more TV time. Walked a few miles on the treadmill before picking up a pizza at Pizza Hut (and getting more beer).
Pigged out all night, watched more TV and in bed, feeling fat, gross and sad. Womp.

  • 144,167 steps
  • 33.5 miles run
  • 4 barre classes, some treadmill walking
  • Weight - it's a mystery!
Everything Else:
  • Nothing much else is going on. Managed to make it through Christmas without being quite as depressed as I have been in the past.
  • Work still kinda sucks, coming up on my two year anniversary and I guess I hope the perfect career just falls magically into my lap? I can dream, I guess?

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