Monday, April 26, 2010

Outdoor Training Run - Big Dry Creek Trail - Sunday, April 25

Shortly after completing my first half marathon, I realized I was insanely jealous of my sister's awesome watch. After some trial and error (I tried out the Forerunner 305 but it was WAY too big for my wrist), I ended up buying the 405 (in green). It turned out to be a great buy as Garmin is running a $50 rebate promo (plus I got 10% off the purchase of the watch).  Anyway...

My sister and I had a training run to do yesterday. The original plan was 8 miles. I was a bit concerned about the run. The night before I went to a concert with my boyfriend and had a few more beers than I had planned, woke up NOT feeling great Sunday. After my free Chipotle and a bottle of Vitamin Water I felt much better. I met up with L at her work and we drove over to the Sensory Park. I was also psyched to try out my watch that I've only used a handful of times (since most of my running is done inside on a treadmill).

It was a bit colder out than we had anticipated, but I was ok with that. I get REALLY hot when I run, so low 60's, overcast, and some wind turned out to be awesome running weather. The Big Dry Creek Trail is nice to run on because there are NO streets to cross. The run went pretty well for me, I was concentrating only on distance, not on time, so I was taking it pretty easy. I didn't feel like I had to walk, and I was pleased when we got done and had done 9.2 miles instead of the originally planned 8. I just have to say that I *love* all the cool information that the watch is able to provide me with.

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  1. Fancy. I read this, and thought, I must have this watch, also. And then I saw the price, and have decided I will keep stuffing my E-Trex into my sports bra and freaking out passerby's with the bulge. Sigh.


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