Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Half Marathon #1 - Canyonlands - Moab, UT (Saturday, March 20, 2010)

The Canyonlands Half Marathon is a lottery only registration, so we submitted our information in the fall and found out in December that our team ("Bee Rad") had been selected. Really? What are the chances? A half marathon? Wow... that's... far. I run mostly on a treadmill and rarely for longer than an hour. So to prepare for the event, we planned some longer runs, including a few races from the Winter Distance Series - one of which was a 10 mile run.

I pulled a quad in late December and my training suffered exponentially. I got new shoes, visited a chiro and completely withdrew from all running for a few months. I still did cardio (non-impact, like elliptical) to stay in shape. Luckily my injury finally got better mid-February (about a month before the race).

My sisters and I had planned a long weekend to drive to Moab for the event. We ended up leaving a day early because of weather (crazy Colorado mountain spring storm).

Race day was blue skies and not at all windy - but COLD!! The course is structured so you take a shuttle to the start line. Here is the view from the shuttle on the way up:

Unfortunately they leave you there HOURS before the race starts! I spent so much time being cold that I didn't have much time to worry about the race. Me (far left) and my two sisters at the start line:

I lined up with the 10 min milers (optimistic, I know) and off we went. By the time we were a mile in, I was finally warmed up and super happy I had stuck with the skirt and tank (vs. capris and short sleeve). The course was amazing! Mostly downhill/flat and very scenic. In shorter races I had always skipped the water stations and had never done mid-race "fuelling" - so my first attempt at "gel" was quite the experience.

My sister got a shot of me coming through the chute:

And... crossing the finish line:

My sisters and I had matching shirts made for the race, we got a team shot done after we finished - here is the backs with our names on it :)

The race shirt:

It was hard, but what a sense of accomplishment!! I had no idea what to expect out of my quad, so my goal time was under 2.5 hours - I killed it!

And pretty much as soon as I got that one done... the wheels started turning. Why do it just once, when you can do it 50 times, and in every state?

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