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Week in Review (January 30 - February 5)

Tuesday (15,873 steps) - Peloton before work. I took a short lunch break to do my strength training because I had another mandatory lunch meeting. Ugh - at least we got "free" food. I guess that's it?
Wednesday (29,278 steps) - Treadmill desk during work. Had a workout to do and since I didn't think anyone was going to run club I figured I'd just do it on Big Dry Creek. I was not optimistic for this at all since I've been tired all week. The warm up was super slow, but I got really close to my goal paces. PLUS, I saw a couple owls and coyotes AND there was a really pretty sunset!

If you can't tell, that's an owl

Also an owl - he seems really big!

Thursday (22,128 steps) - Work from home. Olive has started lying on the coffee table. I should probably not let her do that, but she just looks so adorable!
Ariel and I went to Dutch Bros. for coffee - and we have started bringing Olive with us because she really enjoys the pup cups. She has to eat them before getting back in the car though, because she is a slob.
The weather was really nice again, and I got to wear shorts and short sleeves AGAIN. It was almost "warm" when I was running in the sun, but I was conscious to not complain about it because I know we have winter coming back again.
Took Olive for a walk at lunch. The trails were "almost" free of mud. She really enjoys the longer walks at the lake, but I really hate being out there when it is muddy.
Olive continued to work with me in the afternoon. (Seriously, isn't she just so cute??)
Friday (17,731 steps) - Wash Park! We had a big group and a pretty nice sunrise (and it wasn't freezing!)
Work in the office, no recollection of anything else.
Saturday (11,294 steps) - Up early to go to Boulder for the group run. I showed up late because the group was leaving right as I got there. Luckily, I know where I'm going and headed out for the road 5k route. It was raining pretty steadily and I was wearing my "new" Rabbit rain jacket, which is sadly not waterproof either. I feel like no jackets are :(
Then it was time for a quick snack and watching the marathon Olympic Trials. The store even made fun shirts for the occasion. 
It's a bit interesting to me that I actually enjoy watching running on TV, but I do. It was pretty "exciting" to watch, and fun that the girl that won was running her first marathon! Ben and I decided to go to Southern Sun for Stout Month even though it was already snowing pretty hard. The beer wasn't new and/or great, so we headed out after just one. I was supposed to go to Amy's grandson's baby shower, but with the weather taking a turn for the worst, we decided to just head towards home. We ended up getting lunch at Salsa's. Yum.
Took Olive for a walk - she just loooooves the snow.

She does NOT enjoy having snowball leg warmers though
We ended up getting about a foot of snow by the end of the evening. Pretty crazy.
Sunday (28,106 steps) - Took Olive for a walk. The bike path had been plowed, but a lot of the sidewalks were still covered in snow, so it was a bit slow going.

Since we had skipped the long run because it was raining/snowing, we went to Clear Creek in hopes of doing 12-14 miles. While the path had been plowed, there was a decent amount of ice and standing water. It was not the most fun long run, but we saw a few coyotes!

Warm enough for shorts weather, which I like. We went to Parry's for beer and a snack before heading home for the day. Watched "Skyscraper" - which was a pretty good movie.  Bah, weekend over too soon.
Monday (19,011 steps) - Work from home. I had a "longish" run to do and figured that since the snow had stopped Saturday night that the trails would be packed down. I also thought that it wouldn't be muddy yet if I went earlier in the morning. I was pretty surprised to find that when I got to the lake area that VERY few people had been out. By the time I got further on the south side of the lake I was post holing and couldn't even run. I was NOT happy.

Warm enough for shorts, but not happy about having soaking wet feet!
I had plans to jump back on the road to run home, but the side I like to run on without all the road crossings was completely covered with snow from the plows. the other side was mostly plowed, but also icy and LOTS of very wet water crossings. NOT happy about this run. Ariel and I went to Costco to pick up some groceries and get lunch (pizza, and have you HAD the new fresh chocolate chip cookies??). Took Olive for a walk after that. Met Ben at Parry's for a beer and burgers for dinner.

  • 143,421 steps
  • 32.39 miles run
  • 40 minutes of cardio
  • 30 minutes of strength

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