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Week in Review (February 13 - February 19)

Tuesday (19,646 steps) - Peloton before going to work. 45 minutes of strength at lunch.
Wednesday (27,664 steps) - Work in the office. Actually went for my run at lunch since Ben and I had plans after work. I wore shorts and a long sleeve shirt - it ended up being much too warm for a speed workout in that. Not great, but I don't feel like running downtown is ever awesome.
I always have fun running in festive headbands, though. Met Ben at Parry's for a Valentine's Day dinner. Mmmm, mac n' cheese and beer. Can it be any better?
Thursday (22,348 steps) - Work from home. Took Olive for a walk and went for my run. I have virtually no recollection of it, but it was colder than I thought it would be. Spent the evening packing!
Friday (10,546 steps) - Up early to go to the airport. We had to be out the door by 5:40 am, and got out practically on time, even with the surprise overnight snowfall. Zero issues getting the car parked and even though the security line was long it didn't take too long to get through. Our plane was boarded on time and we pushed back on time, but then we had to de-ice. I was not sitting next to Ben, so I was reading my book and then when we finally took off I watched a movie - which ended right as we were landing in Dallas. Uneventful!
We had to take a shuttle to the car rental place, but once again - having status with Hertz means I can bypass the counter and just pick a car. It was slim pickings, but we selected a Hyndai Kona (that we affectionally named "Greg" for the trip). We were both hungry, but we wanted to get on the road (out of Dallas) before stopping. Traffic was horrible getting out of town - which we expected, but come on. I had found a BBQ/brewery - Q & Brew in Canton. We were starving by the time we got there.
The beer was barely marginal - but in my defense, they didn't have the beers listed on their website and we definitely took a gamble on it.
The food, however, was AMAZING. We got a HUGE serving of Queso and I got a delicious sandwich of chopped brisket and habanero garlic sausage. Delicious!!
We had a few random stops along the way, including getting coffee (for Ben) and a scoop of ice cream from the adjoining Baskin Robbins (for me).
We arrived at our hotel a bit later than we had initially planned. We had to go to the front desk to find out why I had been charged a second time when the room was prepaid back in January. (Spoiler, everything seems to have worked out just fine, even though I got a total of FIVE separate charges over the course of the weekend).
Steph and Rich were staying at a hotel down the street and we agreed to meet up at the Flying Heart Brewing Company for dinner and a beer. The brewery was located just over the railroad tracks in a somewhat industrial area - we weren't convinced that we would survive the evening, haha.
Brewery itself was quite nice! Large space, attentive service and a good menu of pizza and sandwiches. PLUS, the beer was good.

I opted to get a Stromboli - which I'm not sure I've had since I was in elementary school! It was delicious (and gigantic).
We had a good time, but it was already getting late and we still had stuff to do. On the way back to the hotel we stopped at the store to get gas and pick up groceries for the morning (Gatorade, coffee, water). I hadn't hit my step goal for the day, so we had to walk around the hotel for about 20 minutes before we could go inside. By the time we got everything ready for the morning, it was definitely later than I wanted to be in bed.
Saturday (131,816 steps) - Red Dirt Ultra
Sunday (25,134 steps) - Woke up in the car after a few hours of sleeping (sort of) and I was starving. Since Ben was going to have to drive I figured I would let him sleep a bit and I could grab something from the finish line. I ended up staying much longer than I planned talking with everyone. Ben finally got up after I had been there over an hour and we chatted a bit before deciding we really needed to get out of there. I had to use the bathroom, and then we headed to Elizabeth's hotel so we could shower before getting on the road. We stopped at Whataburger and I got a delicious breakfast! Jalapeno biscuit with bacon, egg and sausage and hash browns. 
We arrived at her place just before 11 and had enough time for us both to shower and bet out just before noon. We walked over to a restaurant down the street to meet up for a lunch/snack and drink. It was good to visit with her, it's been a while. 

Then we had to start the long drive back to Dallas. I dozed on/off for most of the drive, which was probably not fun for Ben. We wanted to get as close as possible to the airport before stopping for food and dinner. When we had arrived I had seen "Community" - so we went there. The food and beer were BOTH amazing! 

We still had to pack our bags (poor planning on our part), which we did in the parking lot. Then we had to go and return the car. We got turned around quite a bit, so glad we had extra time. Our flight was on time (again). I watched a documentary miniseries, and only fell asleep on/off during the last part. We landed early, but then had to wait for a gate. All in all it took forever to get out of the airport, and the line for the shuttle to the lot was insane. At least we were the first people dropped off. By the time we were home it was almost 1 am. Oof.
Monday (13,231 steps) - Work from home. I didn't have that many emails from being off on Friday, and with it being a "holiday" it wasn't very busy. Since I didn't have to go for a run, Olive got a nice, long walk at lunch. Ariel and I went to Costco for our pizza lunch. After work I met up with Ben at Parry's for a beer. Ariel came down to meet us for dinner later, which was nice. We stayed up to watch "Thanksgiving" - which was actually pretty decent for a slasher movie.

  • 250,385 steps
  • 78.54 miles run
  • 35 minutes of cardio
  • 45 minutes of strength

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