Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Week in Review (June 4 - June 10)

Tuesday (22,080 steps) - Strength class during lunch. Wasn't sure if there was run club, but I decided I'd run anyway, and worst case scenario I'd stop by Milk Market and no one would be there.

Only a handful of people - but there was still a big pizza. Had a few pieces and then headed to the grocery store. Home at a reasonable hour.
Wednesday (22,954 steps) - Core class during lunch. Runners Roost Boulder!
Skies were looking pretty stormy, but we lucked out and just had overcast skies and "cooler" temperatures. Because of all the rainy weather, this was our first time back up on the "real" trails in over a month.

Rain didn't come in until the drive home. Frozen pizza (again) for dinner.
Thursday (18,386 steps) - Nicole and I finally went out to lunch for our birthdays! Got to check out a new-to-me restaurant in Union Station - Tupelo Honey. It was DELICIOUS.

Picked up A at her friend's house, then we went to Berkeley Park. "Easy" few loops around the lake and then to Lakeside!

Front row on the roller coaster!
We decided to leave just after nine when the thunder/lightning started. Good thing, it was pouring by the time we headed home.
Friday (17,084 steps) - Core class during lunch. Headed home to get A and have a quick dinner before coming back downtown for the NKOTB MIX TAPE TOUR!! We parked at my office and arrived with plenty of time for the show. I really loved the format - it was nice to not have any weird breaks for set changes.

Probably one of the best shows I've been to! Home way too late, nearly  midnight.
Saturday (18,207 steps) - Up early to meet Lisa for a few easy miles on Rock Creek. I was super meh about running, and glad we opted to run short and only do 6.

I make a super delicious grilled cheese & egg sandwich
Home for a shower, breakfast and nap. The morning got away from us... we packed up our stuff and headed to lunch at Chick-Fil-A (random, but we had a gift card). Then quick stop at Alamo Drafthouse to get tickets for a movie next week (had to go in person because I was cashing in a free birthday ticket!) A bit more traffic than I am used to driving up to Ben's. Originally we had talked about running, but THANKFULLY Ben was easily talked out of it. We met up at Angry James, then home to get Pika. Headed into Breckenridge to meet up with his friend Heather at Broken Compass, where Ben & A proceeded to play a few lightning rounds of life-size Connect 4.

Picked up pizza and wings for dinner.
Sunday (12,318 steps) - "Slept in" until almost 9. Breakfast of coffee and cinnamon rolls before heading up to Vail for the Mountain Games! Fun times, mostly just walked around all day.

Highlights were watching all the dog activities. Bought a LifeStraw - could be a lifesaver during Tahoe. Pizza (again), and a quick trip to Outer Range on the way back to town. Managed to run into Greg (again).
Picked up some snacks at King Soopers, bed relatively reasonable hour.
Monday (23,975 steps) - Ugh - I hate the 4:15 wake up call!! Home before 6 to shower and go to work. Worked through lunch because I had to leave early for a dentist appointment. Went to New Terrain and started my run early because I hoped to get in some extra mileage (which I did). Everything is still super green because of all the rain, and lots of pretty flowers!

One beer before picked up A at Abby's house - dinner & bed before 10. Long day.

  • 135,004 steps
  • 29.5 miles run
  • Three gym classes

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  1. The pictures of A in her NKOTB t-shirt 10 years apart are so cute! Glad you guys had an awesome time at the concert. Looks like it's turning into a beautiful spring. Those flowers are beautiful.


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