Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Week in Review (March 6 - March 12)

Tuesday (10,858 steps) - No running again, A had her final orchestra performance of the year. This was the big all-area one, where 5th grade beginners through high school perform, ending with a song they all play together. Pretty neat!
Wednesday (19,286 steps) - Roost Boulder run club!! I convinced A to "start slow" with me and I had a pretty awesome run. Only one walk break on the paved section to the trail head, no breaks on the two rollers, and only maybe 3 breaks on Bear. Also, bade it almost all the way up Bear before I had to use my headlamp. Overall a pretty fantastic run - I managed to PR every segment!!

No headlamp needed!!
Thursday (11,956 steps) - Belmar run club! I had thoughts of running extra miles, but I was actually pretty tired, so just did the big loop (YAY THE PARK IS OPEN AGAIN) for 2.5 miles.

Tokyo Joe's, because BOGO.
Friday (9,840 steps) - Barre with Sasha. A stayed after school to watch her friend's soccer practice and got dropped off at home after 6. In my few minutes of "A free" time I managed to clean up the living room and vacuum. That was clearly exhausting for me, as we decided to do Domino's for dinner instead of cook.
Saturday (23,428 steps) - Runners Edge! This was the annual point-to-point run from the Jefferson County Courthouse in Golden (that A missed last year). We decided to do 10 miles.

Rode the light rail back to Golden, picked up our aid station, and then joined a group for brunch at Carnations. A and I split a skillet of chili rellenos. She had a side of pancakes, I had biscuits and gravy. Then we drove into Denver to pick up our packets for ROTG. I got the limited edition green "Runnin' Lucky" shirt and A her first pair of fleece-lined tights off the clearance rack. Grocery shopping, boiling/whipping a ton of potatoes and sweet potatoes for Second Saturday.
Sunday (16,153 steps) - ROTG!

After the race we met up with friends at Hop Daddy for burgers and truffle fries to dip in green chili queso. Yum. Took A to a Scout planning meeting in Broomfield, went to Roost in Boulder to pick up this year's team gear, quick trip to Lucky's, pick A up. Try to make dinner and watch the Walking/Talking Dead.
Monday (6,570 steps) - Bah, Monday. Nothing, HOA meeting.


  • 98,091 steps
  • 23.8 miles run
  • 1 barre class

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