Thursday, December 26, 2013

Week in Review (Dec. 17 - Dec. 23)

Tuesday - 3.5 miles in the basement inferno, video trifecta (arms, legs, core), 121 push-ups, 121 jumping jacks, 4:06 plank.
Wednesday - 3.52 miles at run club! The weather was so mild I had to take off my light jacket a mile in because I was so hot. My friend Heather gave me this really adorable beanie (I've already ran in it THREE times!)

Thursday - 5 fairly terrible miles on the treadmill at the gym. I for REAL just need to quit running on Thursdays. Every time it seems like it is the Worst Ever.
Friday - 1.5 miles in the basement inferno, video trifecta (arms, legs, core), 111 push-ups, 111 jumping jacks, 3:05 plank.
Saturday - My mom needed a ride to the airport. A and I got up early to drop them off, then we headed to the gym. Cranked out a pretty great 9.25 miles on the treadmill. Took A roller skating and then after dinner we had to head to the airport. It had snowed a bit, and even though she boarded on time (about 8:00) and pushed back on time (about 8:25), her flight didn't get in the air until 9:45. Which is when I finally got to leave the airport. 4 hours at the airport AND having to say goodbye to A were NOT my favorite parts of the day.

Sunday - L and I went for a run on a trail section I've never been on - Clear Creek Greenbelt between Wheat Ridge and Golden. It was fairly chilly out (although, let's be real. 23 degrees is pretty dang warm compared to the negative temps I ran in a few weeks ago.) No one had been out yet, so we got to hit fresh powder. None of the trail was icy, and this felt mostly good. Knocked out another 9.25 miles.

After our run, L had to nap. I spent the day on the recliner watching a "Snapped" marathon. Headed to get an eye exam to use up the rest of my Flex account before the end of the year. Then I met my older sister at the Arvada Brewery with her husband. Had a festive holiday brew and picked up a growler for Christmas Day. They each had a flight, so I got to taste some other kinds as well. THEN, I met up with L and we headed to Chili's, where I proceeded to eat THE MOST FOOD EVER. Holy cow.
Monday - Sadly, I had to go to work. They at least let us out about an hour early. Not early enough for me to meet L at BodyPump, but early enough for me to go to happy hour with the ladies from work. Happy hour quickly turned into FOUR HOURS. By the time I left, downtown was all lit up, it was after 8:00 and I still had to run.

Ran a super quick 1.25 at the gym WITHOUT throwing up. Then, I got all nostalgic and pulled out my Nintendo 64. Let me just say that I used to be REALLY GREAT at the games on this system. NOT SO MUCH. I tried a few different games for about 15 minutes then promptly gave up. TOO COMPLICATED.

Weekly Miles Run - 33.27 miles (20.5 treadmill, 12.77 outside)
Minutes of Strength Training - 90 (missed one day of videos)

Weekly(ish) Gain - 3.2 pounds
  • I forgot to do a weigh in on Tuesday. Having the day off screwed up my routine, so I didn't weigh in until Thursday. After eating non-stop for the last week.
  • Beer consumption completely out of control.
  • Dessert and sugar consumption also out of control.
  • Food in general consumption also very out of control.
  • I don't know if it is just the depression of the holidays, but I am letting everything I worked for all spring and summer get away from me. Planning on a "re-set" before things get worse.
Fancy, high ABV beers come in snifters. Did you know that?
Tried a new beer, and it was DELICIOUS!

Everything Else
  • I'm done on social media. I cannot take it anymore. I'm so so so sooooo sick and tired of happiness and thankfulness, etc. I shut down my Twitter before Thanksgiving and Facebook is next. I'm leaving it up through the rest of the day and then it is gone too.
  • Obviously, nothing good is going for me now. No news on the interview, so I'm guessing I didn't get the job. I haven't really been looking right now. I'm out of town for 10 days starting Saturday, so I'd hate to get called for an interview and not even be in town.


  1. 121 push-ups?! My goodness. You are so strong. (I did read the rest, but just floored by that first part)

  2. The holidays are rough. I threw a couple of temper tantrums and consoled some Belgium white beers.

  3. i'm really hoping your 2014 turns out to be a much better year for you. Hold your head up, i know it's hard...but still a lot to be thankful for (and that's what I keep telling myself). and I hear ya on the food-i've been OUT OF CONTROL while at home. every sweet in my face, i eat. i'm so gross.

  4. Aw, I could use more running friends too, Becky. We're both in Arvada. I would love to run with you but you're much faster than I am so I don't want to hold you back. We should meet up sometime. Seriously. Shoot me an e-mail at


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