Tuesday, July 30, 2013

#NotEatingAllTheThings (Week 13)

Read about previous weeks here.

I had hypothetically planned on this being my first week of "maintaining" my weight since I hit my initial weight loss goal last week. Again, I did not track any food whatsoever. Again, I consumed a decent amount of beer. I pretty much ate all the things on Friday night. I was fairly confident that I wouldn't see much of a change this week.

Tuesday - Lovely 5ish mile trail run up at Marshall Mesa. Honestly, this renewed my love of running. I had the best time. Just about everything about this was perfect.

Wednesday - Tank top arms & abs/obliques in the morning, and a 3ish mile run with run club at night. I was a bit sore from my trail run the night before so I ran a bit less and slower than usual. But the rewards!!! Ice cream cake, beer, and then a group of us went to Garbanzo's (Mediterranean) for dinner later. Delicious!!

Thursday - 15 minutes total body yoga. I wasn't super impressed while I was doing it, but I was a bit sore the next day so maybe I'll give this one another chance. After dinner I met up with a friend for a few beers at a new brewery right down the street from my house. It's so strange to not wear running clothes.

Friday - Nada. I briefly thought about doing the arms/abs workout but figured I could use a break. I spent 5 or so hours in the car driving to Grand Mesa (western Colorado). I had lots of beer and snack foods. Yum yum.

Saturday - Grand Mesa 60k!

Sunday - 2 mile bike ride... with A!!!! She is back! Also did tank top arms & abs/obliques.

Monday - Since I was not feeling sore from Grand Mesa (???) I went to the gym and ran 5ish miles on the treadmill. When I got home, A and I tried another new video - Butt and Thighs. We also spent some time practicing our handstands!

Another EXCELLENT week. I can definitely feel these videos working and even texted Heather the other day that I am actually beginning to see the outline of... ABS. I have never in my entire life had definable abs! This is exciting! I got in a lot of miles and since they were slow they were all pain free.

Weekly Loss - 2.0 pounds
Loss Since April 30 - 18 pounds

  • Apparently, I suck at "maintain" mode. 
  • I am really not hungry ever. I eat my main meals and hit a decent number of calories, but I guess in comparison to the amount of exercise I get I'm probably not eating enough? I can't stomach the thought of eating more (WHO AM I??) so this might take some deeper evaluation.
  • Still having beer and still loving it. Beer is my favorite.
  • Most of my work clothes are very loose. I am debating if it is worth "tailoring" anything (nothing I have is super expensive, but I have a decent amount of clothes), or if I just want to go out and buy a few basic pieces?
  • I am really REALLY happy that I have seem to have found my running mojo again!! I forgot what it is like to not dread every single workout.
  • I have renewed my ambassadorship with INKnBURN. If you still have never had the opportunity to check them out, as a new customer use code BeckaToldMe, set up an online account and you can save 15% on your ENTIRE purchase.


  1. Sounds like an awesome week! I'm impressed with your handstand... I think I would fall right over if I tried.... but it could be a goal to work towards!

  2. I love the Marshal1 Mesa area! (wishing I was back on the Front Range now...a run there sounds lovely).

    You don't look like you need to lose any weight, but it's nice to find other runners that have to at least watch what they eat! Because I am definitely one of them! I've lost 15lbs since January, and 45 since 2011! I am trying to maintain now. It's going okay, but I definitely can't eat all the things either (as much as I would like to).

  3. You have some awesome running outfits. Those are some beautiful scenery pictures too. I need to be so much better about not eating all the things. I seem to have got a little lax about it lately and my jeans tell the story.

  4. Your daughter looks super adorable in her maxi dress :)

  5. Your daughter looks super adorable in her maxi dress :)

  6. Congrats on Grand Mesa! Your pictures are basically awesome.

    I think Inkburn needs to get that sweet tuxedo shirt back in stock.

    Well done on the miles my friend.


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