Friday, April 12, 2013

A Few on Friday

  • I got A a "graduation" present.  She wants to go camping/hiking over Memorial Day weekend (back to MOAB!) She will love these. (WITH shipping, I got both of these for about $40. What. (PS - go to - GREAT deals over there!)

  • I am undecided about what to do for my "long" run this weekend. 20 alone tomorrow in decent weather, or pay $20 and do a "timed training run" with some other folks in probably rainy/cold. What would you do? Chances of me actually doing 20 miles alone? Slim. I know me, I'll probably quit at half that... Bah. I'm just OVER running right now.
  • I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE the new treadmills at the gym. If I wasn't already struggling with my fatigued legs and general unknown cause of my weakness / being tired / fitness decline, the new treadmills are TERRIBLE. I feel like I am running up Mt. Everest, even on "0%" incline. This week I attempted two runs and both were FAILURES. I am quitting the treadmill. If it means I don't run anymore, so be it. These runs cannot be productive. THE END.
  • Related to above two bullets - WHAT IS THE POINT OF RUNNING IF I AM NOT ENJOYING IT???
  • Yesterday was my one year work-a-versary. I finally asked about a review/raise. Apparently the shareholders do "reviews & raise analysis" for EVERYONE at the same time. When? Any time now. WTF.
  • I am pretty surprised that there hasn't been more action on my latest FLASH GIVEAWAY. So far only one person is entered, so chances are good if you donate now! Remember, no minimum, so even $1 puts you in the running!! (Ends today at 5:00 pm MST)
  • Believe it or not, I have finally decided to shed the 10-15 pounds I have gained in the last year. Since nothing else is working, maybe THAT is why I am suddenly a slow and fatigued SLUG. There. I said it. I haven't actually "tried" to lose weight since A was born, so let's see how I do with no cupcakes.


  1. 1. I have been half-heartedly thinking about dropping 10-15lbs., but not actually doing anything about it. We could be virtual diet friends and shre the misery?

    2. Camping is so fun. We are going on a short vacation memorial day weekend, too, but not camping.

    3. I think you should do 20 on a trail, in decent weather. You like trails, speed won't matter, and mentally, it will be better for you to know you CAN do it (because you really can).

  2. i seriously tried for like 3 min straight to comment on this from bloglovin'... still figuring all the changes out and was unsuccessful. Although I don't know how long the timed run is, based on your current feelings of not enjoying running, I would agree with you that come tomorrow if you're not feeling the solo run you'll end it short?

    my company does performance reviews / raises all at once too- every february.

  3. Have you ever considered a triathlon? I was really burned out on a running a few years ago and impulsively signed up for a sprint triathlon- 700 yard swim, 12 mile bike and 5k run. I had to take swimming lessons and borrow a bike, but it was so much fun. I lost 5 pounds without even trying from the cross training.

  4. Hope your long run went well today! I'd probably pay the $20 and run with other people but that's just me.

  5. since i can't run, i keep wondering why i want to do it so badly again. seriously. i keep struggling with wanting to get back to it (when I can). if you do the weightloss maybe you will like running more?? no clue. just trying to find a silver lining :)


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