Thursday, January 31, 2013

Three Things Thursday

1. I've ran for 20 minutes this week. That's it. It's not that I'm not motivated, I was LUCKY enough to contract the zombie bird flu plague that's been going around. Outside of the time I've been at work, I've been under a heated blanket (I cannot believe I didn't own one until this week. It might be my favorite purchase EVER) in my recliner. I even slept in my recliner for a few nights. And by "sleeping," I mean passing out from taking so many medicines. I'm ready for this to be OVER.

2. I maybe, kinda, sorta have a plan. Not enough of a plan to go into any detail since it's just imaginary in my head right now. But maybe my mojo is back. And I'm excited.

3. The best "exercises" of the week:

An hour of YOGA!!
A new plank record!
Bonus musings:
  • If you missed the announcement on Twitter, I threw out my shoes from CIM. They were still in the plastic bag. I didn't open it, I'm not sure if they were still damp and/or moldy. I'm ashamed it took me two months to do this. I'm the worst.
  • No more half-assing costumes for Disney! My shirt arrived on Tuesday for one of our Dumbo costumes. SO EXCITED ALREADY. I should probably contain myself a bit since it is 7 MONTHS AWAY (FROM TODAY!!)
  • A is on this kick where she is reading "Made In" labels on EVERYTHING. Toys, clothes, etc. She wants to know why EVERYTHING is made in China. I say, remember that awesome brand INKnBURN? THEY are made in the UNITED STATES. She says, "I need something from them, I don't have anything made in the United States." Kinda sad.
  • For the first time in longer than I can remember, I didn't drink a soda. (Yesterday). This wasn't really intentional, and it is certainly not going to be a trend. Just weird.
  • Re: weight loss/nutrition. Apparently the zombie bird flu plague can help! I am down a few pounds this week as a result of my soup diet. WHEEEEE!
  • I'm supposed to be running a half on Sunday. Wow. I'll probably die of exhaustion. I'm the most tired human EVER this week. And I don't even know what I'm going to wear!! The race is called the "Super Half" - because it is on Superbowl Sunday. Not sure if it is themed race. Since the Broncos aren't going, I don't care who wins, although I really like the name Flaccccccco. Just sounds fun.
  • I need help/ideas for fundraising. I'm guessing my constant tweets asking for "just THREE DOLLARS A DAY" aren't doing the trick. Not sure I can pull off another awesome giveaway. My singlet for Lazarex already came in the mail so I guess I'm officially part of the team! You can donate HERE of course.
  • Did I already mention I'm hatching a plan? If the stars align...


  1. I love pigeon.

    I can't believe you have A Plan and I don't know what it is?!?!?

    Maybe the bird flu plague was caused by the CIM shoes.


  2. I hope you start to feel better soon! The flu you have sounds like the exact opposite of fun. Hopefully your yoga workout helped. Pigeon pose is a favorite for my tight runner hips. :)

  3. Feel better! I must say, your recliner did look very comfy.

  4. I have four friends who are doing the Disneyland half for their first half marathon. I'm getting messages and FB posts ad-nauseum about what to wear and garmins and gu and training programs...I don't think I can take it for seven months!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  5. i must admit, that's one reason i love my new job-researched and produced in TX. i agree with A-i get so tired of seeing everything out of China! can't wait to see yalls costumes this go round :) when is the fundraising due??


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