Monday, May 3, 2010

Outdoor Training Run - Big Dry Creek Trail - Sunday, May 2

This might sound odd coming from someone who has decided to run a half marathon in every state, but today's training run of 10.45 miles is the longest training run I've ever done. Actually, other than the one half marathon I've done, this was my second longest run ever. It was a chilly day for a run again, but I opted to stick with my tank and shorts, even though it was 52 degrees and overcast when we headed out. I was mildly regretting my decision around 1.3 miles in when I started seeing some raindrops. Luckily, they didn't materialize into a real rain. And a few miles in, the sun actually came out:

It was also kind of windy, which it made it feel like I was working really hard on the way out. Got to the turnaround point and I was NOT feeling it. The last four miles or so of the run were a struggle, but I made it back to the car without walking, which I consider a victory. Another random piece of farm equipment along the run:

My pace was definitely a lot slower on the way back, but I'm just happy my watch clocked the whole run. Long story short... Garmin decided I needed to do a firmware update. Which apparently is buggy with a Mac OS. Every time I sync a run, my watch freezes, which requires a reset. I have been forgetting to turn off the GPS, so when I took my watch off the charger, the battery was dead from running GPS non-stop since Friday. Annoying... at least everything has a USB port now so I was able to plug it into my car charger but I wasn't entirely optimistic that 28% battery was going to be enough for the run. Checking out the map, still have no clue how far the trail goes:


  1. I kind of am coveting your watch. For no real reason, since I don't run (1) distance or (2) outdoors.

  2. hahaha!! See, now you understand why I was obsessed with it! I *will* say that I've been much more motivated to run outdoors and get in those extra workouts now that I have it.

  3. The watch is awesome, although I certain don't use all of its functionality like you do (too lazy...makes sense right? I'll run 10 miles but am too lazy to log onto a website to input information).

  4. Josh, with the 405 you literally only have to be near the computer... it uploads the information automatically.

  5. Automatically, you say? Hm. I think I need one now. NEED.


    Then use code 0501 for 10% off. Shipping is free. Then mail your rebate to Garmin for another $50.

    They will practically pay you to take it off their hands



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