Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Week in Review (August 18 - August 24)

A much needed "rest" week!!

Tuesday (17,147 steps) - Work in the office and... nothing else! The smoke is SO bad right now because of all the fires. And it's hot. So incredibly hot. We really need rain!
Wednesday (35,538 steps) - Work from home. Finally started a cross training "challenge," and this was day 1. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD AM I OUT OF SHAPE. I did 23 minutes, 13 of which were HIIT (which I haven't done in YEARS). I almost died. So hard. Met Tyler after work in Boulder for a run.

It was still really warm, but the smoke was not as bad as it has been other days, so I guess that is a win.
Thursday (18,782 steps) - Work in the office. Big excitement of the day day was the wedding rings we ordered came in! Unfortunately, mine didn't look as great in person as it did online (I am not a jewelry person anyway, and certainly not one confident in buying online...) and Ben's was too small even though he had been sized. Both will have to go back, but we found other ones to order instead. Hopefully those work. Hot walk at lunch, this summer is SWELTERING. Had to do my "challenge" videos when I got home. So hard.

Ben made dinner and it was delicious. Somehow we have broken the barrier of not eating that many vegetables and he's really become amazing at grilling fresh veggies!
Friday (16,048 steps) - Work from home, day 3 of the challenge videos. Went over to Jeramiah's house for non-running activities, basically drinking beer and TALKING about running. 

Apparently the only picture I took? And of what exactly... 
Saturday (28,016 steps) - Met up with friends at Dinosaur Ridge for a hike. The air quality is just terrible with all the smoke. It was wonderful to see people that I have not seen in 6 months and be able to catch up a bit on the trails.

Did my videos for the day and then Ariel and I went to FINALLY get our hair cuts. I don't think I had mine done since last fall, and I was definitely overdue. Took Pika for a walk and saw... vultures(?) at the lake? That was a first!
When Ben got off work I met him at New Image, and then we had to make a quick stop at the store.
Sunday (12,418 steps) - NADA! Slept in, had bloody Mary's and a big breakfast. Took Pika for walks, did some cleaning. Nothing exciting.
Monday (26,404 steps) - Work at home. Did another day of videos, still hard. Pika walks and nothing else. Another VERY smoky day outside :(
  • 154,353 steps
  • 11 miles run
  • 171 minutes of cross training! This is basically 100% higher than it has been in 6 months.

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