Thursday, July 2, 2015

Week in Review (June 23 - June 29)

Tuesday (17,704 steps) - Didn't feel like going to the gym so we didn't. Packed up the last remaining items in order for the house to be photographed for inside pictures for the brochure and website. For sale sign in the yard and listed in MLS!
Wednesday (18,845 steps) - It pretty much typhooned in the afternoon so no plans on run club. Went to the gym and walked a few miles on the treadmill, just to get moving.
Thursday (18,077 steps) - Same deal, a walk on the treadmill after work. Very last minute prep of the house - showings starting at 9 am Friday morning!
Friday (10,367 steps) - The house is officially OFFICIALLY for sale, meaning this was the first day of showings. I started receiving text messages the day before for me to "approve" - if I didn't respond soon enough they were on the phone calling me.
As best as I could tell, we had close to 30 showings and more scheduled the next day. Dinner/socializing with Jessa until we could go home.
Saturday (25,406 steps) - We had to be out of the house before 9. So we went to the gym first. I attempted my first run since getting back from Desert RATS and it was pretty terrible. Logged 4.1 miles, which at "best" was a run/walk. I had to shower at the gym since we couldn't go home. Quick trip to Dunkin and some furniture browsing and then on to the next adventure - Skate City! A convinced me to join her and we skated for a few hours.
Then we headed to the mall for lunch (Panda Express) to walk around to kill time. We were invited to our friend Jandy's house for a post-wedding celebration. She was married a few weeks in Mexico! We had a great time hanging out and it was fun to catch up.
Sunday (10,839 steps) - Yep, we had MORE showings, so we had to be out early again. We went on a slow walk around Lake Arbor where we looked at all the local wildlife. Then a trip to Target to wander around until our brunch date with Jessa, Jackson, Lisa and Ricky. After brunch we went to the park for more socializing until we eventually went to Jessa's house when the weather got iffy. Lisa and Ricky just found out they are moving to Florida and this was the last chance for ALL of us to get together before they left. Sad.
Monday (16,259 steps) - Got a lovely gift from one of the attorney's for my "assistance" with the trial that we were just in (and won). I didn't do much, but now I have some really pretty flowers to look at for the next few weeks.
After work I picked up A at a play date and then we went to the gym. I managed to gut out 2 (not so fun but not the worst ever) miles. THE HOUSE IS UNDER CONTRACT... now to sit back and hope that nothing goes wrong with the inspection and appraisal. It's only been about 6 years, but I had forgotten how stressful it is to sell a property.

  • 117,497 steps
  • 6.1 miles "run"
  • No cross training (but 2 days of walking on the treadmill)
  • No strength or stretching
Everything Else
  • Obviously the big thing right now is the house sale. Now that it is under contract... there are still many other hurdles to get over. Like where am I going to live??? Originally I thought it would be easy to find somewhere. Turns out, it's not. It looks like I will end up couch-surfing (not really, we will likely be staying in Jessa's spare room) until I find something. I really hope this is just temporary (as in no more than a month), because this is the most unbelievably stressful situation I have been in for a LONG time.

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  1. Good luck finding a new place to live and congrats on selling your house so fast! When I sold my house before I got married, it was under contract the day before it was even officially listed. I guess I should have asked for more money, it was way too easy!


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