Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Week(s) in Review (February 3 - February 16)

Tuesday, February 3 (18,001 steps) Hill program on the treadmill. This was two weeks ago, I can't remember if it was awful. 
Wednesday, February 4 (21,910 steps) 6.1 super sweaty miles on the treadmill. The fact that it was longer than 3 or 4 miles must mean it was an ok run. Also did a squat video and some stretching.
Thursday, February 5 (19,968 steps) Another hill program, 3.5 miles. Less awful than the one earlier in the week.

Friday, February 6 (8,571 steps). Uh, nothing? Pizza?
Saturday, February 7 (12,762 steps) We went to the "donut" run club at the Runners Roost in Lakewood. It was HOT. I mean, maybe only upper 50's but it was WARM. Never going to survive the summer :(

Sunday, February 8 (35,691 steps). In the morning L and I ran the Ralston Creek half.

The start of Girl Scout cookie season. Can I say HOW MUCH I HATE THIS? They give the girls a "quota" of cookies to sell, based on average number of cookies sold in her troop the previous year and in surrounding troops. A is in a troop with a handful of other kids with parents who DON'T WORK. These kids sell upwards of 700-800 boxes a season.

The weather was nice so we actually went door to door to sell. We ran out of change before long so we had to stop (that and it got dark).
Monday, February 9(19,962 steps) Didn't feel like running so I did 40 minutes on the CrossRamp (I KNOW) and an upper body video.
Tuesday, February 10 (19,220 steps) 3.3 miles of hills.

Wednesday, February 11 (13,187 steps). Run club! I picked up A so that she could run too, and then after they let her set up a table to sell cookies.

Thursday, February 12 (19,685 steps) 4ish on the treamdill, not terrible. Once at home, I made BARK. A crazy combination of all the leftover bark ingredient I had left over - white and milk chocolate, Heath toffee chips, peanut butter chips, graham crackers and caramel chips.

Friday, February 13 (11,543 steps). Nada. Went to my friend's house for a Friday the 13th party.

Saturday, February 14 (16,809 steps). HEAT WAVE. Ariel and I went for a run around the lake near the house. 
We went to Dunkin for coffee and then we went to the 5K that L was running down the street. Ran into Heather and Dan as well. Along with my dad, we all went to lunch at Fuzzy's Tacos. We decided we would get some pizza for dinner, which turned out to be right down the street from Voodoo...

Sunday, February 15 (20,698). Got up early to hit the trails before the weather changed. As you can see, sunny at the start, starting to be stormy by the end:
We had a lunch date with Jessa and Lisa at Vine Street. Hours of good beer and good conversation. I miss these ladies!

Monday, February 16 (13,109 steps) NADA.

Miles Run (w/e February 9) - 28.5
Weekly Steps (w/e February 9) - 136,865
Minutes of Cross Training (w/e February 9) - 40
Minutes of Strength/Stretching (w/e February 9) - 47
Miles Run (w/e February 16) - 18.4
Weekly Steps (w/e February 16) - 114,251
Minutes of Cross Training (w/e February 16) - 0
Minutes of Strength/Stretching (w/e February 16) - 0

Everything Else
  • I guess I am still doing this "challenge" with L and Heather. No tracking, and I have no idea if I  have gained weight, maintained or lost. Still a few weeks left I think. I might not be logging calories but I am sure taking a lot of pictures of my food.
  • Work is going great.
  • I may write a more detailed post about it in a few days, but as my Facebook friends know...  I got scammed out of about $5,000 over the Internet. I posted months ago about how I was really excited to be going to Africa to run a marathon at Mt. Kilimanjaro. Turns out I was scammed through a website offering packages. Now before you ask... how dumb are you... know that I researched online. Found no evidence of fraud. Posted on Facebook in groups (including Marathon Maniacs) and multiple people vouched for this woman and her event. Since everything has come crumbling down around me, this story gets more and more unbelievable. More to come on this, but in the meantime, I have started a GoFundMe in hopes of raising the money to possible go next year to Africa.... 

Basically where things are now is that people are STILL claiming she is legit and to "email her" through the email on the website. WHICH IS FUNNY, because that is the website and email I got scammed through. I have yet to hear from the "real" race organizer and my pleas for help contacting SOMEONE with this organization have gone unanswered. I have filed reports with the FBI Cyber Crimes divison, local police department and my bank. I have placed fraud alerts with the credit bureaus. These hackers not only have my money, they have a copy of my passport. More information is listed in the GoFundMe page or you can email me if you have questions or if you can help. So far, it seems no one can/will do anything. squirrelgirl44 at hotmail dot com.

So. There's that.

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