Friday, December 7, 2012

November Recap

Miles Run - 77.60 - That's now 3 months this year I've run less than 100. Thanks to ultra training in the first part of the year, I will still likely run more than last year.
Races "Run" - 3 (1 10k, 1 half marathon, 1 marathon)
Current Ailments - Nothing substantial, I guess. My ankles have been hurting, my IT band is on/off, but nowhere NEAR as bad as it was over the summer. Calves still tight. Still tired.
Obsession - Coffee. Lisa sent me a sampler of K-cups and I am in heaven. So far, the golden french toast, gingerbread and white chocolate mint are my favorites. (Thank you, LJ, this has made me super happy all week!)
Looking forward to - The Baker's Dozen half marathon!!!! I haven't been this excited about a race in a while! Even if my running sucks, the thought of overdosing on sugar has me PUMPED.

Thanks, everyone, for the kind comments regarding my last whiny post about losing my mojo. All of you are right... I likely need a "break" of some kind and I also just need to suck it up and TRAIN if I don't want to be miserable during long runs/races. As for the suggestions of "something new" - I have for the last few months been participating in something called Monday Night Chaos - essentially random circuit training, which is different every single week. It is FREAKING HARD. Every class I finish, it feels like I've never worked out in my life. I LOVE IT! Unfortunately, it is only one day a week.

There was one comment in particular about the "surprising lack of fanfare" after completing my 50 state quest. LOL! I agree. I mean, that was a BIG goal, and that is why I started this blog. But... I guess maybe I figured people would get tired of hearing about it, etc., and... it WAS sort of a letdown. I met my goal... and there was nothing really at the end. I don't even know if that makes sense. Anyway, maybe L and I need to have a party or something.

But you know what DID help my running funk a bit??? Getting this GIGANTIC PIECE OF AWESOME in the mail last night!!


  1. You're welcome! I don't know if I included it, but almond biscotti is pretty tasty too. I had french toast this morning, yum.

    I went to kohls last night and they were crazy expensive, i'd go to odd lots haha.

    Also i thought about your funk-- maybe if you look for different theme races and dress up? those are always fun... or just have more 'girls weekends' etc. I wasn't really excited to run NM, but the whole weekend was a blast bc I got to hang with B again and Mark was there so it did help.

  2. I think you DO need to have a party. A big ass party with lots of cake.

    I've been debating the whole K-cup thing. I keep thinking it's a phase that will pass, but it seems to only be getting stronger.

    I hope the running funk improves, I don't have any good advice, since I'm pretty much right there with you. Except I haven't run nearly as many races, nor do I run as fast. So, almost exactly the same except not.

  3. Hey--LJ's sending K cups to the needy? I needy!

    We love our Keurig. Which, BTW, will be available to use Eugene weekend, just sayin'.

    Love your see-thru trophy. Still so very amazed at what you've accomplished (running, planning and $$$). I know how tough it is.

  4. LOVE your gigantic chunk of awesome!! :)
    Congrats on that AND hitting all 50 states!! :) That's such a big deal!! Have a party for sure! :)

  5. Congrats on that nice bling :) Maybe part of the 50 states letdown was because the Green Mountain race was so rainy/windy/cold....had there been a rainbow, maybe that would've been kinda like a finale medal!

  6. That is amazing! What a huge honor to get that award. Congratulations!

  7. Have the party! You achieved something not many people have done!

  8. What an awesome award!!! You totally deserve this one!!!

  9. Congrats on getting half fanatic of the year! :) So fun.

  10. What great lookin' hardware! You are amazing!

  11. That's so cool! Congrats on your award--nice piece of bling :) Maybe it will inspire a little celebration.

  12. so glad yall got those awards from HF. seriously cool-not to mention-well deserved! french toast? gotta find that flavor too now!


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