Friday, February 17, 2012

Random Things

1. A friend of mine offered to help me out with RnR NoLA. Since the flights were INSANE to/from directly into NoLA (seriously, $420???), I am going to be flying in and out of Baton Rouge (about an hour away). My friend has generously offered to transport me to/from the airport. AWESOME. I am, however, still looking for a roommate for the night of the race. I mean, I *can* get my own room, but I'd love to split the cost with someone. (HINT, HINT - anyone mind sharing a room with me? Pretty please - email me, tweet me, etc - if you can help out at all, I would really appreciate it!). Long story short, I ***WILL*** be in NoLA and would love to meet up if at all possible.

2. I'm running the Austin marathon this weekend. I never in my life thought I would be running a marathon as a training run. Well, I am. Maybe that's why I'm not really nervous for this one? I mean, I just ran 20 miles yesterday. For real. (Taper? What's that?)
3. I am entering the last MONTH of training for my 100 miler. After this weekend I have two weeks of insanity (back to back crazy runs 24+30 and 25+30 - insert googly eyes) - and then taper. WTH. Where did the time go?? I started training in November... Seriously, anyone want to pace me?? I have a few volunteers, but the more the merrier.

*As an aside. The boyfriend thought the 100 was this weekend. He was relieved when I told him it wasn't until next month. He thought I was too calm. He is also worried that I could break my leg at say, mile 70, and then demand to finish anyway. He's probably right. I would.*

4. So thanks to the recommendations of Fast Cory (my 100 miler HERO), I ordered a Nathan Hydration vest - which YAY, comes in a pretty color just for the ladies. I was going to do a 14 mile run in them this week, but then I almost got hypothermia. I tested it out for TWO miles, and think it was glorious. My friend asked if I thought it would be awesome after 100 miles. I said I didn't think ANYTHING would be awesome after that long...

5. I tasted the LuluAid and I am obsessed. I am going to have to block their website. I swear I have never seen a company rotate through product so fast in my life. Maybe that's why I'm obsessed... I feel like if I don't get it NOW, it will be gone. (Seriously, isn't this BEAUTIFUL??)

6. Have you entered my giveaway?

7. A didn't have school today, so I took her roller skating. And found out that she learned how to TIE HER OWN SHOES! We've been practicing a while, but I didn't realize she could do it until today. Yay!

Good luck to everyone racing this weekend!


  1. I still can't get over the fact that you're running 100 miles!

  2. Yeah for not DNS'ing. The last picture is sooo cute!!!

  3. if i wasn’t with the BF i would offer up my room in Nola-but not sure he would go for that :) i can’t believe that your race is almost here. and i seriously cannot imagine running 20, taking a day or 2 off, and running 26.2. you really are my hero!! have fun this weekend!

  4. I'm stoked you were able to make NoLA work.

    That Lulu skirt is amazing.

  5. So happy to hear about NOLA! That is great news. I think Lulu is onto something with bringing out limited items and always having new things. You feel like you have to buy it before its gone. It's a mental trick...its hard not to resist. Love that skirt!

    Have a great time in Austin!

  6. I have a love/hate relationship with Lululemon for the exact reason you mentioned. The stuff disappears so fast, but it's so expensive. They pulled my favorite running bra off the shelves. I suspect it will return eventually, but they change styles so fast it's annoying when you find something you like, only to have it available for a limited time.

  7. Hope all goes (or maybe it's went) well this weekend in Austin. I may have already mentioned this but my husband wants me to run my first ultra with him this year. Every time I read one of your 100 posts I'm more and more tempted.

    Love the skirt! No big surprise with Lulu :)

  8. Hey, I found you! I love that pic of your daughter, so sweet. Hope you had a great training run this weekend, it was great meeting up Sat night!

  9. 20 miles the same week as a 26.2. BEAST! && that LuluAide is some potent stuff! HOW STINKIN CUTE IS THAT SKIRT?!?!?!?!

  10. Roller skating is so much fun. Glad you guys got to do that on your day off!

  11. I love your blog. I live in Jackson, MS and will be doing NOLA. I have a hotel room only a few blocks from the start and am looking for a roomie. Let me know if you are interested.

  12. That skirt is soooo cute!! You NEED it!


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