Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three Things Thursday... And then some

1. The Workouts


As promised, I took it "easy" - opting to do the Crossramp (blah) and the Recumbent bike (blah, blah). The best thing about using the machines on this side of the gym is I'm NOT facing a wall of mirrors, so I can people watch. And boy, are people at my gym FASCINATING.


BodyPump class. The instructor STILL sucks. It's REALLY hard for me to not give her dirty looks throughout class. I have to be careful because her husband participates and even though he doesn't do half the lifting correctly, he finds it necessary to "teach" too, which is also beyond annoying.

Notice that I'm wearing shorts. So I wasn't PLANNING on running. But I had only a little time after class, so I ran anyway:

Picking up A at daycare after the workout - she is "striking a pose" (oy):

Psyched I let her wear a Halloween shirt

I know myself well enough to know I was going to run again this week. So, might as well do it a bit earlier in the week, just in case I needed extra time to rest/ice/etc. I shall call this outfit - "Rainbow Brite"

Run went ok, I went with my aerobic program, toned down the incline just a bit for an "easier" program:

Slow and Steady
2. The Injury

Well... I keep trying to get in to see a doctor. They never seem to have anything for a new patient. Last time I called I commented that this was the third time I had tried to make an appointment and the soonest they can ever seem to get me in is the following Monday. The receptionist had the nerve to say, "Next time plan ahead more." Really? Plan ahead for an injury? OK then.

Anyway, I have been doing what I can... using the green spiky golf ball thing to massage the bottom of my feet, using the stick to rub down my legs, using cream and massaging. Wearing compression socks 12+ hours a day. And most importantly... icing. I've been doing pretty regular regimen of ice on for 15 min and off for 20, at LEAST 5 sets a day.

The verdict? Well, I think it MIGHT be getting better. I did actually run this week (shame on me), but it doesn't feel as tender as it has. I will continue to take it easy this week, at MOST running a few miles Friday morning.

3. September Recap and October Goals

Thanks to my injury, most of September was a total fail.

September Goals (Recap)

  • Run 150-160 miles - Fail. Would have been on track if I wouldn't have been injured. Outside of racing, I've put in less than 10 miles the last two weeks. Actual September miles - 124.76

  • Get my long runs in!! At least one 18 miler and one 20 miler - EPIC FAIL. Yeah. Didn't get any long runs in at all. In fact, my longest runs were the FOUR half marathons I did in 22 days (Um, that sounds crazy).

  • Get a half marathon PR :D - WIN!! I got a PR when running in Chicago!

  • Increase my Yasso tempo up to at least 8 sets - Again, fail. I managed to get only one set of Yasso 800s added, I think I'm stuck at 7.

  • Remain healthy and injury free - Mostly fail. Healthy? OK, I'll say I stayed healthy. Out of town a TON, and I actually managed to end up a few pounds down for the month. Injury free? FAIL, FAIL FAIL.
October Goals

  • Run twice a week outside of racing (minimum). All this is assuming I am pain/injury free.

  • Really really try to get a 20 mile run in. Again, this is assuming my stupid foot gets better.

  • I'd love to get another PR on a half marathon this month, but I'm running 4 of them in the next three weeks, and without training properly, that is probably not a reasonable goal, so... the goal will be to keep them all sub 2:10?

  • Yasso 800s on the back-burner for now, if I start feeling better I'll do them.

  • Fix my damn foot!!! Whatever I need to do to be feeling at LEAST 85%... needs to be done.

  • BE A TOTAL BADASS AND RUN THE ATHENS MARATHON TO THE BEST OF MY ABILITY. Holy crap. I cannot believe that I'm a month away. A month. Where did the time go???


  1. Great goals Becka! I hope the foot gets better!

  2. I love A's little plaid skirt. I totally want it!

    I am fully supporting your plans to be an Athens badass!

  3. Bahaha...plan ahead for your injury next time! I think sub 2:10 is the perfect goal for all of the halfs you are doing. That's my goal too on the ones I tell myself to consider as "training runs". Good luck in October. Love following your adventure!

  4. How can you NOT be a total badass?!

    PS, try to be better at planning injuries. That should be Goal #7.

  5. the weirdos at my gym convene in the locker room. BLECH!

    Can't wait to see what outfit you'll be rocking in Athens!!

  6. that is the funnest shirt ever, rainbow brite!


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