Friday, September 24, 2010

Forgive Me...

... for I have run. I took it easy though, I promise!! Well, the good news is that I am 99% sure I will be able to run You Go Girl! on Sunday. There is definitely still "pain" on the outside part of my right foot - extending now toward the heel. I ran for less than 20 minutes and while it is sort of tender, I think resting again today and tomorrow, I should be mostly good to go Sunday. With that said, I'll still try to get in and see a doctor next week. It's been bothering me about two weeks now, I probably can't put this off.

Now that you are done scolding me... :D

We hit up the park last night before gymnastics. A had a BLAST as I think you can see (she is laughing... maniacally). And at class? I was the only one there so I got some one-on-one attention. I tried to keep it low impact and mostly did my beam work. I'm thrilled that I can still hold a handstand for 30+ seconds - apparently it's impressive.

Random Fun Stuff!!

1. I have been wanting to run in something "fun" for the Zombie half marathon I'm doing in Alaska next month. I found this one at Clutch Tees:

2. I sweat a LOT when I run. I ordered this from Inperspire:

3. I don't normally take a picture of the scale, but I was PSYCHED when I saw this today:


  1. I know you will be able to run on Sunday!! Positive thoughts for you. Do you have a goal time?

  2. Through all of May I dealt with the most painful and annoying hip bursitis. I had my first 10K trail race at the end of the month. EVERYBODY told me not to run. I still went out once or twice a week anyway. Come race day I was still sore. Once the start gun went off the pain vanished. I think the adrenaline pumped through me so much, I was able to get through the race with no problem. SO ... in conclusion, after I babbled on for minutes, I think you're going to kick ass at your race! Have a blast doing it!

  3. Good luck at the race!! I hope your ankle/foot will be fine and you enjoy the race :)

  4. Bad girl! ;) Be sure you will get that foot checked by a doc after the race! Just to make sure it's nothing serious!

    And that scale: damn, girl! Please (please) tell me you're not a 5 ft 9 tall Dutch girl? If you are, I will start kicking myself at this very moment. Honestly.

  5. Nice to meet you too! Feel free to pilfer photos from my blog.

  6. that's a really cute skirt! =)

    hoping for your speedy recovery =)


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