Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Season, New Attitude

Well. I'll try anyway. :D


Sad to not be putting on my running skirt.

The Ankle is a bunch of suck. I don't like skipping a workout, so I decided to do some "non-impact" cardio. Get to the gym with A as soon as the daycare opens at 4:00... only the person who is supposed to be running it isn't there yet - they swore they thought it didn't open until 4:15. Oy. The other woman dropping off kids turns out to be the instructor for the 4:30 BodyPump class. She was a MUCH better instructor than the one that teaches the Tuesday night class. Score!! Workout ended up being 15 minutes on the elliptical, a one hour BodyPump class, and 7.2 miles on the bike (20 minutes).

I am NEVER done with the gym this early. Since it was still light out, we made a quick stop by the park.

She posed, very seriously, and said "Mom, take my picture" - hilarious.

"Mom, I'm a pretzel!"


The Ankle still sucks. As much as it pains me to rest it, I opted to still not run today (sniff). No outfit picture, but shorts (neon orange) and a pinkish top. Obnoxiously bright, but still sad. Crossramp:

That is the completed workout, how I managed that exact number of strides is beyond me

Followed that up with 9 miles on the bike (25 minutes).

I have no clue what to do tonight. I have been resting The Ankle for 72 hours. I have been taking it easy (no running at all) and icing every night. It certainly FEELS better, but since I have a very intense race schedule for the next 6 weeks, I do NOT want to risk making it worse. Normally I would have done an hour long hill workout on Monday and my Yasso 800s tonight. Question: Do I "try" to run a little tonight or do I still take it easy?

I am super duper excited for the bloggy meet up for the You Go Girl! half marathon this weekend in Tacoma. I hope I'm actually able to race, but... some of my best races are the ones I go into with NO expectations. Maybe I just need to go back to that.


  1. Your little girl is a doll! Hope the ankle feels better soon :)

  2. Good call on taking it easy with the ankle. I would also take it easy tonight. Better safe than sorry; honestly, I do NOT like skipping work outs, but there is nothing worse than forcing a half recovered injury.

    And those shorts look cute on you. Your skirts won't blame you. ;)

  3. So cute! They come up with the funniest things, don't they?

    I'd say rest the ankle. You are super-conditioned and I'll bet you will do well your next race even if you just sit around until the day of.

  4. I know this is crazy, but do you want someone to check out your ankle? My chiropractor, Larry Frieder, is really good with running injuries and specializes in foot/ankle stuff. At least if you know what's going on, you can know how to fix it.

  5. Take care of that ankle so you can run on Sunday!

  6. I agree, take it easy now, then you will feel well rested and hopefully pain free on Sunday. Listen to your body, you might just need a little rest. Enjoy the bloggy meet up and good luck on the race!

  7. I am so loving those red shoes! Your daughter is super cute:) Don't push don't want to make it worse. Good luck!


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