Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Day 4 - Recovery Run and Tubing

Monday, September 6

We got up pretty early and headed out to do a short run in the morning. We found a trail just a few miles away from where we were staying that ran right along the ocean. We decided to test it out. Ran about 4.5 total miles, easy and relaxed. Luckily today was scheduled to be short, we learned that going early is the best way to beat the heat. Super hot already by the time we were done.

On the agenda for the day was an afternoon of tubing!! We had used Kauai Backcountry Adventures last year when we went ziplining, and the guides were fun so we figured we would give their other "adventure" a try. I just LOVE doing new things!!

Short drive into the hills to get to the top of the tubing course... stop at this scenic place:

Overlooking Mt. Wai'ale'ale

Strawberry Guava
Tubing was a blast! I didn't take my camera or phone because there was no way to keep it dry. Essentially the tubing is done through an old irrigation system. Five total tunnels covering a few miles. Then drifting through the river. Followed by... yum! Picnic lunch! Sandwich, chips, cookie. Delicious. After tubing we did a bit more shopping, found a shop that had displayed at the expo "Work it Out" - the girl working was super friendly, we chatted a lot about the race and running in general. They have a running group called "I run so I can eat" - which is totally fitting for me. I have an insatiable appetite! I got their shirt and promised to start the Colorado chapter:

We had been planning on eating at the Olympic Cafe, but it was closed for Labor Day, so we went back to Pau Hanna. Split a burger and grilled cheese, and yep, more fries. Read some of Bart Yasso's book "My Life on the Run" and early to bed again.

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  1. Cute shirt!
    Seriously - isn't eating the best part of running??


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