Thursday, July 22, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Wednesday, July 21

Long run Wednesday. Immediately I knew it was going to be a hard one. Hot like usual, and now I have the addition of a nagging pain on my right ankle... possibly my Achilles? I might have to take it easy for a while. I was intending to do a slower pace than I have in the past, but my heel/ankle was hurting more the slower I went. I sped up the last 15 minutes and it wasn't as bad.

I didn't get off work early, so I still haven't tried the Vibram's with the new Injinji socks yet. I did, however, order some of the toe-less yoga socks (striped of course) - and they are also pretty fabulous.


  1. Hi Becka,
    Take care of yourself! I always cringe when I hear about nagging pain and injury:(

    Oh my gosh, it has been so hot and humid in Minnesota for the past few days too. I could handle heat by itself...mix it with humidity and I am toast:)

  2. Nice job on the treadmill run. I feel your pain, it has been hot and humid here too. Hard to push through a run outside.

    I hope the ankle pain goes away soon.


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