Friday, July 30, 2010

Finally Friday!

I'm usually pretty drained by the time Friday afternoon rolls around and this week was no exception. Skipped the gym again last night for the free concert ("Boys Like Girls") at Elitch's. Had to get my last run for July in, so...

Outdoor Training Run - (West) Big Dry Creek Trail - Friday, July 20... VIBRAM!!

I haven't been wearing my Vibrams much. I had that trouble with my heel last week, so I took it easy and ran in my regular shoes. I decided I needed to either start running with them or not bother. If time permits, I like to get in at least a 10K on Friday afternoons. I decided to do the western part of my trail and then do the turnaround where I usually have to use the port-o-potty - which I figured was about a 5K each way. Pull into the parking lot - and someone stole the spot I always take...

I had actually gotten dressed at my office so I was able to put on my belt and get out to the trail right away (wearing one of my more obnoxious neon outfits):

Wearing the gorilla shoes:

It was hot (about 90), but since it was overcast it didn't seem quite that hot.

I knew it was going to be hard, so I took it easy and decided to pace better than last Friday (which I headed out way too fast and got pretty tired halfway out). I was feeling REALLY good the first few miles - almost like I enjoyed running. (Let me explain - I do NOT like the treadmill - which is what I have to do most of the time, so running outside is a ton better). I saw my llama again - this time he is looking up:

Got to the port-o-potty at just over 3 miles, and then I decided... why stop at 10K? I should aim for at least 7... so I head out a bit more and then did my turn around. It was right about mile 4 that I started to feel it. My calves and shins were starting to hurt a bit, and the ball of my foot (more on my left than on my right) was started to ache - like I was stepping on a tiny pebble in the same spot on my foot with every.single.step. Of course I was cursing myself in my head for going out too far with the Vibrams. This is probably only the fifth run I've done in one, and probably the longest by at least 3 miles. On the way back the llama was actually moving around a bit (see? alive!!)

Somehow, and without taking any unscheduled walk breaks, I made it back to the car. A tad bit slower than I hoped - ideally I'd like to keep all runs under 11 minute miles, but in this heat, I'll take what I can get, 7.08 miles in 80 minutes.

In other fitness related news... I have a serious problem. I am addicted to planning and scheduling races. I literally spend hours every week researching the best races and planning how to do them. Phew. I feel better confessing.

Happy Friday!!

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