Monday, July 26, 2010

Outdoor Training Run - Majestic Park - Saturday, July 24

We had plans to go camping after A's gymnastics class on Saturday. Since I wouldn't be in town on Sunday afternoon to get in my long run I figured I'd go a day earlier. I wasn't optimistic about it going well after the pain I'd been having, but I got up extra early Saturday morning and decided to not go too far from home just in case it started hurting.

First off... what a difference 30 degrees makes!! At 7:15 or so in the morning when I got out of the car, it was only 67 degrees!! Majestic Park is only a few miles from my house but there are some decent sidewalks to run on and also some hills... plus it's in the city, so if I did need to call someone to come get me (worst case scenario) - I'd be easier to find. BEAUTIFUL day out:

I had the 9/1 plan (run/jog 9 minutes, walk 1) and it seemed to be working well. There is a small loop around the park that is just over a half mile that I wanted to test out how my heel was feeling before I headed out. It seemed fine, so off I went.

I really REALLY should get up and do this more often. It is so much more enjoyable to be running in the mild temperatures - and before everyone else is out for the day. I did my loop and due to time restraints - my long run wasn't as long as it should have been - just over 8 miles in 90 minutes. But at least my heel felt fine, and I didn't run on Sunday, so by the time I get to the gym tonight I think it will still be feeling good.

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