Saturday, July 10, 2010

Outdoor Training Run - Big Dry Creek Trail - Friday, July 9

When the weather is nice I try to do a long run outside on Friday instead of going to the gym. Since there is no daycare on Friday, I leave straight from work and get my (shorter) workout in before dinner. It was hotter than last week, about 82 degrees around 4:00 when we were heading out. L managed to sneak out of work and met me at our usual trail and we headed out.

We kept the pace slow and easy (like we have been doing on Sunday afternoons) - and L tested out her new awesome fuel belt/water bottle that W got for her.

Pretty day out, but I think anyone that suffers allergies would struggle - most of the trail IS open space:

The heat always makes running harder, but anything is still better than the treadmill!

Garmin info here - 6.78 miles in just over 75 minutes.


  1. Looks like a pretty trail to run on! I agree, I would much rather run outside than on the mill:) Nice work!

  2. Looks like a pretty path! Now, I like the treadmill, specially during East Coast heat waves! (I also run pretty early, before work, and it feels safer.) BUT, in my quest to get faster, I increasingly feel guilty about my affection for the treadmill. :>


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