Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Monday, July 26

Let's just assume that it's ridiculously hot in the gym unless I specify otherwise.

I had been pretty tired all day - I had a full weekend of running, camping, fishing, etc. Sometimes the only "goal" I have when I run is to finish. Today was one of those days. I hadn't run on Sunday and I'm happy to report that my heel was feeling fine by the time that I started out. Same program I've done the last few weeks:

I had been pacing at 5.5 mph, but I was feeling pretty good even at the end so I sprinted it out and tried to hit 6 miles. Sigh... not quite fast enough:

In the past few weeks I've normally added another 15 minutes or so of jogging, but my niece had an accident at daycare (first time in weeks) so I got to cut it short a bit.

In other fitness related news... I got my new racing skirt!!! Luckily the color I was looking for (SnowBelle Yellow) was on clearance (what luck!) so it wasn't that expensive. I'm going to wait to post pics until I run in the full gear, which will either be August (if I do the Georgetown to Idaho Springs half marathon) or September (Kaua'i half marathon). I had already purchased one of the skirts from Team Sparkle, but I think I'll save that skirt for smaller local races because there aren't any pockets, I'm not 100% confident in the waistband for distance running, and well, I'm not sure how well it will travel.


  1. Hi girlie! Thanks for stopping by! Ok, my hats off to you. Running 50 halfs in 50 states; an impressive goal. I was reading about your running skirt and I just purchased my first one and loved it. I am going to check the links you posted for the skirts!

  2. Hi Becka,
    You should post a picture of you with your skirt:)

    Is this half marathon in Idaho? I was vacationing a few summers ago and we stayed at a ski resort in Idaho. It was super cheap because of it being summer and the condos were gorgeous. I went out for a run and I thought that I was going to die:) We were up so high that it felt like there were elephants sitting on my chest! I think that I made it one mile before is said enough! Hopefully you will be running on flatter land:)

  3. Do you have to wear that running skirt with just a sports bra? Because I don't think I can do that. Well, at least not very often. So you are going to pair the yellow skirt with the bee rad top, or do you have other plans?


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