Saturday, July 31, 2010

Long Run... done!

Outdoor Run - Arvada Loop - Saturday, July 31

With no babysitting this weekend, we had to get up early (and I mean EARLY) to get our long run in before my boyfriend had to leave for work. I was up too late last night and really struggled to get to sleep, so when my alarm went offat 4:55 (yes, on a Saturday. yes, on my day off) - I was less than thrilled. But I got up anyway, had my Chocolate Peppermint Luna Bar (YUM!!!) and put on my newest running skirt!!! The skirts from thankfully run a bit small so I was able to buy size 0... meaning I could get this one (on clearance and very limited sizes):

It was obviously still dark when we head out around 5:15. I hadn't done the loop before, but I was hoping it would be around ten miles and that we would get back in plenty of time for J to get to work on time. I just LOVE running in the morning. Low, maybe mid 60s and a slight breeze. Pefect. Pretty day out:

The first mile in was pretty tough. Uphill and I was slooooow... couple that with the fact I was still sore from yesterday's Vibram run and the lack of sleep, I was not entirely optimistic that we would get back in under 2 hours.

However, the run actually got better - which is rare for me. Tried the "Tri-Berry" Gu just before we hit 6 miles, and then (thankfully) the last 1.5 or so miles were downhill. Got back to the house with five minutes to spare! And I'm super happy to have my long run out of the way so early on Saturday morning. I don't feel the pressure of trying to get it done Sunday afternoon like usual! 10.43 miles - longest run in weeks.


  1. Nice beautiful early morning run! And I love the skirt.

  2. Great early long run! Your skirt looks great! I really want to try one but haven't been able to make myself order one yet. I kept stalking the sale ones but never went for one...maybe soon.

  3. nice job! I can't believe you were up before 5 AM! Very cute skirt though, I should check out their website. I think I'm ready to pretty much retire all my shorts...

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who is getting up that early on a weekend!! :) Love the sun pictures, it looks soo beautiful :)

  5. Great sunrise pics! It is so hard to get up that early, but I'm always so happy when I get it done early. Cute skirt :)

  6. It's painful to get up that early, but sometimes those runs are the best! I like the skirt, and will check out that link.


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