Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Worst Workout Ever (or What was I thinking????)

Treadmill Training Run (Random Hill Program #17) - Monday, August 2

Ugh. UGH!!!

Yes, I know everyone has their good days and their bad days. I was cranky all day yesterday pretty much from the time I got out of bed. I've been super tired lately. I do not have enough time in the day to get everything done that needs to be done. Which often means I am still up after midnight and then up in the morning to go to work by 5:45. It's draining and exhausting. So after a few weeks of not being caught up I had a blah rest day on Sunday. Slept in, went to a water park with the family, then took a nap, then gorged myself at a buffet. I hate that!!! Which leads me back yesterday.

I was still feeling tired and blah from the overeating and too much "catch up" sleep. My job is ridiculous and boring and draining. I got home late, had to make dinner, then rush to the gym. Best part (like usual) is that with a treadmill day I get to wear a skirt (yes, I just wore this. yes, I washed it first):

It's hot and crowded at the gym. Random guy stops and talks to me and L on our way to the locker room (I love conversations like this):

Random Guy: Are you guys sisters?
L: Is it that obvious?
RG: I get here and I see you on the treadmill. Then I go do something and come back and you're still on the treadmill. Then I go do something else and you're still on the treadmill. You girls are always on the treadmill.

Yep. Sounds about right.

Somehow I decided it would be a good idea to do a random hill workout instead of my usual (safe) program. The one I did ended up looking like this:

Max incline 4.0. I don't know if any of you run at 4.0, but to ME, it feels like I'm actually running up the side of Mt. Everest or something. The program was actually supposed to end with 4 of the last 5 bars also being at 4.0 but I was literally exhausted and dripping sweat and wimped out and lowered it to 2.0. So there.

Barely made it through the workout, had to walk a few times within it (WHO DOES THAT ON THE TREADMILL???)

Why on earth does it feel like I have never ever run before SO OFTEN??? I should be getting more in shape, not feeling like I haven't ever exercised before?

My next half is this weekend, and I have an extremely packed race schedule through October. I am feeling really dejected after this workout. I hate that. I'm really really dreading the full in Greece. Dreading.


  1. Sorry you are feeling down :( Maybe you need to work in an extra rest day? Might leave your legs feeling fresher. Cute Skirt!

  2. Hope your week gets better. I'd be more than exhausted too if I tried to keep that schedule...I need sleep! I'd probably do another rest (or really easy) day in there too.

  3. I don't know how you could be bummed while wearing a polka dotted running skirt!!

  4. @Giraffy - Doesn't it look like something Minnie Mouse would wear?? So rad!!

    I think I just need more sleep and less treadmill! :D

  5. I always always (alwaysalwaysalways) suffer on treadmill workouts. I bet you crush your next run on the roads!

  6. Maybe you need some rest? Your legs have been running a lot, they may be wanting a break!

  7. Had a treadmill-workout last night; treadmills are just sucky! I think that's the whole thing with terrible treadmill-workouts. ;)

  8. That's funny about the gym-guy's comment. ANY incline on the TM is hard to me. 0.5 is my limit haha.

    I don't know your recent training history well, but sometimes that cruddy fatigue means your body wants more rest! Sometimes it's just an off-day too though. You mentioned being busy ad not quite getting enough sleep -- maybe that's just gotten you a tad rundown? Whatever it is, hope your legs (& body) start feeling fresh again soon!


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