Thursday, August 12, 2010

Running Skirts are HOT!!!

Treadmill - Wednesday, August 11

Bonus picture for my outfit Tuesday. It was an off day for running, I was just at the gym to do a BodyPump class and 20 minutes on the elliptical. Could you believe that I did NOT buy this outfit together? Every piece was actually purchased separately... over the course of probably a year. Could it BE more obnoxious? LOL

With awesome sweaty band:

Anyway, back to my treadmill run. I was wearing my newest running skirt. There had been a problem with my order and I somehow had ordered a different style... the ones that came ran smaller so I had to exchange. Anyway. I was a bit worried because all my running skirts have the little compression shorts in them. These? Just briefs. I felt like a cheerleader in them... but I LOOKED HOT.

I am absolutely in love with this one!!! Looking adorable naturally put me in a good mood, and maybe THAT is all that needs to happen to have a good treadmill run? It really was a pretty good run overall, and I kept a decent pace.

Other random items...

1. I got a shout out!! Check it out here.
2. I cannot say enough good things about my Zensah leg sleeves. I just LOVE them. I wear them every night after I run and I have not felt the soreness/tired feeling in my legs. Maybe it's all in my head, but I think they are fabulous.
3. The Newtons feel GREAT. I love them too. And they are so fun!!
4. I remembered to buy some wrist bands so I will test them out during my race on Saturday to see if that fixes the problem I seem to have with the Bezel and start/stop & lap buttons not working on my Garmin.
5. I picked up one of these so I don't have to keep poking holes in my shirts. My phone IS big enough to fit in the pouch but I'm concerned it will be too heavy. I'll test it out during my easy Friday run. Anyone have this? Do you wear it around your chest or waist?
6. I pick up A from daycare at the gym last night and the lady at the desk says "Why are you losing so much weight?" Um. I'm not. Seriously. I promise. My weight has been within one pound for the last... month at least. But, that must mean I'm toning up or something. I love a complement!! Made my night.
7. Still raising money for Greece... I'm in my last month of fundraising. How did THAT happen? That means the race is getting close... Anyway, the money I am raising is for the AHEPA - and I will be representing them when I run in October. All donations are tax deductible. I'm less than 5% from my goal. Anything at all helps :D Here is my donation link:


  1. Love the skirt and the sweatyband! Plaid skirts rock! :) Love the colour too; tried to get my hand on one of those, but had to settle for the 3 other colours (I I hear 'runningskirts'-addict?). :)

  2. I wear my plain race belts for tris, but I plan on pinning on Saturday and for the ironman. They tend to slide around my waist and when they get on the side it's annoying.

  3. Thanks for posting that link to the leg sleeve things. I've been very curious about them, but wasn't sure what they were called or how to find them!

    And that skirt is too dang cute. I have one skirt with what I call the cheerleader kick pants under them. I can't help but feel a little sassy and almost naughty in them compared to the regular longer shorts!

  4. Plaid skirt reminds me of something I would've worn during the "grunge period" :)

  5. I am fascinated by the leg sleeve... review says it works wonders on shin splins. Hmm.


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