Friday, August 27, 2010

New Training Partner?

Ralston Trail - Thursday, August 26

I ended up having a little extra time between dinner and my adult gymnastics class. Opted to throw A's tricycle in the back of the Jeep and do a quick impromptu run with her on the trail behind the gym.

A is getting better at taking pics!
Psyched to be riding her bike!
I had about a half hour, and I know it "seems" like she is fast on her bike, so I'm assuming if nothing else that she will have to slow down to keep up with me. It's super hot out, but at least the sun is going down so it's not as bad as when I run in the late afternoon.

I have never tried the whole running/biking combo, so I wasn't sure at ALL how it was going to work. Apparently, A's limit is about 10 minutes on the bike before the whining starts and it's no longer "fun." We aren't even halfway yet, and we are going past the park she likes to play at... In the future I need to allow a few extra minutes for her to go down "the big green slide."

We turn around when the trail makes a fork in the road, just under a mile. The way back is rough... A is sad, "my legs are tired!!" and I keep having to go back for her, and giving her an extra push here and there. Overall, she makes it ok, and I keep shouting out encouragement and praise for her keeping up.

Fail on the speed/distance (approx 12 min mile pace for just under 2 miles, but since this wasn't a planned run, it's better than nothing) but major win on getting out there and exercising together. I certainly think by next summer she can be a training partner with me on shorter run days.

Gymnastics was super fun. I can still do a lot of my tricks on beam (most on the "middle size" beam... but I can still land a backwalkover and hold a handstand for 15+ seconds). I forgot how much I like being "good" at something :D I think I have convinced L to join me next week for drop in.

In other related news:

1. Nothing on the job front yet. I might beg to keep my job until the two weeks I have off for Alaska/Greece. No one will hire me with that looming.
2. I gained 2 pounds this week. Thanks, stress.
3. It's been 1000 days since I quit smoking. ONE.THOUSAND.DAYS. I'm awesome!!!


  1. Adult gymnastics - that sounds like so much fun! I didn't know there was such a thing. If we had that here in my town I would totally sign up!

  2. yes you are awesome!! congrats! Also,you're training partner is adorable!

  3. congrats on the non-smoking milestone! My husband has been trying to quit for months now...but there always seems to be something getting in the way of completely stopping.

  4. Even Adam has about a 30 minute limit on the bike, and he's only faster if we are going downhill. Alex, on the other hand, might be ready for a real run.

  5. too cute! funny how she was the one complaining, but it's hard to know the power in those little legs sometimes :)

  6. A is adorable:) I think it would be so fun to go to an adult gymnastics class. My high school didn't have it as an option:( I know I would of loved it! Congrats on the 1000 days of being smoke rock!

  7. How cute to have your little girl with you! :) Love her outfit, by the way! Little fashionista!


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