Wednesday, August 4, 2010

And just like that

it sucked just a little less.

Treadmill - Impromptu Run - Tuesday, August 3

I don't normally run on Tuesday nights. Normally I do a SET class and then other random cardio. However, the Vibram project (for now) is a failure. My feet are too wimpy to go the distance (for now) and I'm not yet ready to race in them (or run a distance farther than 7ish miles). With that in mind, I have about 500 running miles (plus hundreds of class and other cardio hours) invested in my New Balance shoes. I figured I should probably get a new pair until I master the Vibrams. I left a bit early from work to head over to the Boulder Running Company. I have trained with Nike, Pearl Izumi, and most recently New Balance. While there wasn't anything wrong with my last pair of shoes, I wanted something different. I tried Asics, Brooks, Saucony... but I ended up with Mizunos!

So anyway, with my schedule the way it is, I wanted to do a shorter treadmill run to be sure that they fit and were comfortable before wearing them for a longer run or race.

They felt pretty good, and I paced faster than I have in ages.

Also, this is my last month of my fundraising! I'm so close to my goal - less than $300 to go!! Anything at all helps!


  1. Yeeeh on new shoes! And Yeeeh on the fundraising! :)

    And I still think that treadmillrunning is a bit sucky. ;)

  2. Over the last month I have realized I like running outdoors much better than on the treadmill but sometimes that is the only way it will happen. Like the news shoes!

  3. I love getting new running shoes! I love breaking them in and getting them dirty even more!

  4. You know, you never did say what your specific goals or reasons for switching to the gorilla shoes are...

    I have thought about getting a pair, but if I did, I would use them for 1 run a week in a very specific drill/foot strengthening way.

    I got a pair of Newton's last week that someday I'll make a post about. You should google them.

  5. Hi Becka,
    There is nothing better than breaking in a new pair of running shoes! Nice job on the speedy pacing too:)

  6. Hey Becka -
    Check out Tall Mom Mel:

    She's organizing people for the You Go Girl 1/2 Marathon/10k in Tacoma.

  7. LOL I was coming to say hi from Alma but she beat me to it. Send me an email if you are interested in meeting up with some WA local Bloggy runners.

    Aspire to Inspire,



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