Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Distance Dreamers Wednesday

Bonus Blog!

Thanks to Abbi we have this cool group of people that are all in training for their first marathon. As some of you know, my first marathon was supposed to be in Kaua'i (in less than a month!). But after seeing the elevation chart (d'oh, I should have looked at that FIRST) and signing up for a full in Greece, I changed my "training" and opted to make Greece my first. Greece is coming up... October 31 is right around the corner!

Anyway, the weekly questions posted by Abbi:

What is your best running memory/experience?
If we are simply talking about running in general, wow, that's hard to pinpoint. I definitely remember the first time I ever ran a mile without stopping. I ran it on the treadmill, and as soon as I was done I got off and called my family and friends to brag. Even when I was a gymnast I never had the stamina to run a full mile. It was a big day for me! As far as racing? Well, so many! My first BolderBoulder 10K that I ran with my sister... that's what pretty much set the everything in motion for my running as it is today. I LOVE RACING. Best race in general? Well, so far I'd put that as my Foot Traffic Flat half marathon in Oregon. I had pretty much the fastest racing pace (of any distance) and set a PR. What more can you ask for?

What is your worst running memory/experience?
BolderBoulder 2009 was one for sure! I had my first experience with chafing AND it was the first race I ever ran with both my sisters and I did NOT like that they beat me by so much :D Since then I have come to terms with being slower ;) Also, the race I ran last week, the River City Ramble in Red Wing, MN was pretty miserable too. I have of course had my share of awful treadmill runs, runs where I got hailed on, or forgot water. Races are easier to remember though.


  1. What does it say that I'm part of your best and worst running memories?

  2. I - do - not - like - chafing! The guy (I'm sure it was a guy) who invented that should be locked away!

    And for being scared of the elevation chart of Kaua'i ... Have you seen the elevation chart of the Swiss Alpine yet? ;)

  3. LOL! Yes! But... you expect that in a mountain run :D I visited Kaua'i last year and I didn't remember that part of the island being hilly. Besides, Swiss Alpine is almost a year away. I'll be totally badass by then!


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