Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Think Pink

Treadmill - Random Hill Programs - Monday, August 23

Anything had to be better than the run yesterday, so I wasn't dreading the treadmill as much as usual. And... with an outfit like this, what's NOT to be happy about??

Have you ever in your life seen so much bright pink in one place? Which leads me to the question of the blog... I've been a gym rat for years... I have nicknames for most of the other regulars. I occasionally wonder what MY name would be. If you saw someone wearing the above attire at the gym (think 24 Hour Fitness), what would YOU call her? LOL...

First random hill program:

I did this program for 41 minutes. I paused to go to the bathroom and get water and it reset. The next 19 minutes were this program (capping at level 6, blah!!)

Total for short program...

And then a nice 10 minute run with no incline. Always seems SO easy after the hill programs!

Other random tidbits:

1. Yurbuds work just as well on the treadmill. Did not fall out. I can't believe they actually work!
2. My boss suggested my last day of work be on the 31st - makes it easier for payroll. So I have one week... better get started on the "life plan"
3. First day of school today!!

Left: H (my niece) Right: A (my daughter)
Walking to new school
New classroom, but she has same teachers as last year


  1. Your daughter is adorable. Love her outfit (must get fashion sense from her mom). The photo of them walking together while holding hands is so sweet!

  2. Adorable! Love the outfits, yours and hers!

  3. They are so cute! I especially love your daughter's socks. Just like her mama! I have lots of names for the regulars I see at the gym too. I may call you compression sock lady. It's not a bad thing either. I really need to buy some!

  4. i'd call you Neon Girl. Or Neon Pink or something like that.

    u make me wanna get out there and run some hills!

  5. 1. You can never be pink enough! The more pink in your running outfit, the better...because you're a girl!

    2. Reading this, I don't really like your boss. 'Makes it easier for payroll'; not nice of him! Just saying...

    3. Your daughter is the cutest!

  6. Oh how precious - those little girls look so adorable with their big ol' backpacks. Love it!


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