Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Monday. Already.

Rainy Days and Mondays Always Get Me Down...
Treadmill - Hill Program (Monday, August 16)

Blah. Already? Seriously? Shortest weekend ever, followed by the longest day ever at work. Still sore from the race on Saturday, mostly my right calf. I've been wearing sleeves pretty much non-stop and a bit of Icy Hot seems to have helped.

Either way, wasn't really looking forward to the hill program. The hills on the last race totally kicked my ass, even WITH the hill program I've been doing once a week. So. Suck less, work hills more. My usual program caps out at 3.0... So I did this random one instead:

Are you freaking kidding me??? All the easy stuff in the first 40-45 minutes, and then hello plateau of 5.0 for over 10 minutes right at the end when I already want to die. Awesome. Bathroom break around 20 minutes. The beginning part of the program? Actually not that bad. I spent the whole first part dreading the end. I somehow managed to keep pace and struggled through the plateau. Must mean I'm awesome :D

Had some time before I needed to pick up A, so I did another 15 minutes. And it seemed EASY after the hill program:

Other random items:
1. I actually won a giveaway!!! Thank you so much Stephanie!!
2. I love love LOVE my Zensah leg sleeves. I think I must have them in every color. (Although I still would love for someone to come out with some compression socks in rainbow or argyle or something...)
3. Still looking for donations for Greece! If you have a spare buck, please donate, certainly is appreciated. http://www.active.com/donate/athensmarathon/RWALKER539
4. I have never really done "speed work" so I'm researching a program suggested by crazy sister and think I'll try it out on Wednesday instead of my regular "long run" on the treadmill.


  1. Outfit is great as ever! I'm off for a date with the treadmill in a couple of hours...now I'm dreading it even more... :(

  2. I am totally aggrevated with the programs on my treadmill because you can't really tell what they are going to be. They are labeled endurance, cardio, weight loss. I would rather it just say hills. Also, the speed adjusts on its own. I would rather set my speed manually. Anyway, I NEED to do more hill work too.

  3. I think I've seen compression socks in argyle!

    Great hill workout!

  4. good job on the hill!
    i hate hills but i know how important they are! ugh. gotta do them!


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