Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Tuesday, July 6

Anything can happen Tuesday...

I normally don't run on Tuesday. I do the 24 Hour "SET" class for an hour, then do random cardio (Elliptical, StairMaster, CrossRamp). Rarely run. However, I was off Monday for a recovery day after the Foot Traffic Flat, and I was in the mood for doing a few miles after class. Monday is "hill day" - so I decided instead of skipping it completely this week I'd do a short version (which I figure is better than nothing). It was actually not too bad! A little tightness when I got done, but I wasn't as fatigued as I have been in the past.

Maybe, just MAYBE, I'm actually getting the hang of this whole running thing after all... *wink*

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