Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Monday, June 28

I'm never super motivated on Monday. It's the day after I've just done my longest run of the week AND it's the first day of work for the week. I was even less thrilled when I got to the gym last night and all the treadmills were full (except for the two that weren't working). After stalking the treadmill bay, one opened up. I was even LESS thrilled that it was one of the "other" style of treadmills. I don't know WHAT it is with them, but even running at NO incline it feels like running uphill. So, yay. Hill workout on an already tough machine. This was not the worst run ever, but I certainly struggled. It was hot, and the machine was awful. The program was tough - called "variety" - L's was even more challenging, so it could have been worse:

Capped out at I think 4.0, but a LOT of it was at 2.0 and 3.0 - which is pretty hard. Did pretty well, kept a pace of over 5.2 mph for the full hour without a break:

After that was finished, it felt quite luxurious to do a jog for another 20 minutes. I walked the first couple of minutes to lower my heart rate and still did 1.5ish. This was last hill workout before the Foot Traffic Flat - and only 2 more regular runs are scheduled. 1 hour (or so) on Wednesday and a few miles on Friday.


  1. Hi Becca,
    So, you are the half marathon queen! Wow, I am so jealous that you are running in Athens, Greece in October:) That would be such a wonderful experience! I am currently training for my first full marathon in October. I am running my 7th half marathon on Sunday in Minneapolis:) I didn't know that Red Wing had a half marathon in August. I might have to check that one out too! I am looking forward to reading more of your....running 50 half marathons in 50 states journey:)

  2. Hey, just stumbled across your blog and 50 half marathons in 50 states RULES!!!!!!! Can't wait to follow your journey!! I just did two back-to-back fulls and well.... really appreciate the half distance now. :)

    Your workout looks totally solid -- I know exactly what you are talking about with those dreaded treadmills that seem automatically harder then the others. :) More power to you for conquering it!



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