Friday, June 25, 2010

Outdoor Training Run - Davidson Mesa Open Space AND Treadmill Training Run - Friday, June 25

Yep. I did both today. First off, sometimes I don't really think things through. I knew it was supposed to be hot today. The forecast was 94 degrees, and in Colorado that is a DRY hot. No wind, no clouds. But I had this brilliant idea to do an outdoor (leisurely) run today anyway. I figure if nothing else it will be decent training for Hawaii. On my way home I always drive past this open space and I figured today was as good as any to stop and run, even though Bee Rad said this:

I slathered on the sunscreen, grabbed my hat and bottle of water and headed over to the trailhead to see what I was up against.

Then I noticed this:

Hmmm. Duly noted, I'll keep an eye out. Immediately I knew it was gonna be hot (duh, 99 degrees, remember??) Anyway, I was going to stick with my "jog 10 minutes and walk 1" plan. Worked pretty well for me. I was hot but not exhausted. And if it was 20 degrees cooler I could have enjoyed the view more. I have to admit that Colorado has some gorgeous scenery (which, I must add that the iPhone 4 takes a much better picture than the prehistoric 1st Gen I was using before):

The loop that I did was about 3 miles. Under better circumstances I would have either done it a second time or I would have crossed the street and done a quick jog around the lake.

But, in addition to it being the first time I have ever run in any weather over 90 degrees, it was also the first (and possibly the only) time I have ever run in just a bra top and running skirt:

Garmin info here (and W, the average heart rate looks pretty good!):

I still had some time to kill, and even though I'm still suffering from a cold, I feel better when I exercise, so I headed over to the gym. Apparently if I don't want to feel miserably hot in the gym, all I need to do is run outside in ridiculously hot temps. I opted for the "Progam #6 - Aerobic" for an hour again:

I even jogged another 20 minutes after that to total just under 7 miles. Happy Friday!

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  1. You totally pull of the sports bra look. I do that on occasion, but you know about my beer gut. Hey, I even wear a bikini in public. When I told JJ, "I wish I had a 6-pack instead of of pony keg" I wish he hadn't laughed so much.

    I haven't ran on that trail before, it looks nice. Maybe when I have to do 18 mile training runs we can run from my house up to there and run.

    Heart rate looks good, you are a machine for doing 2 runs!


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