Thursday, June 24, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Wednesday, June 23

I'm pleased with how my run went. I seem to be getting a cold/flu something. Got virtually no sleep the night before and I was very tired and congested by the time we got to the gym. I did my five minute walk warm up, and I was fully anticipating having to walk at least some of the hour. But, I didn't, and even though it was super hot again in the gym, I managed the full hour. And it could have been worse.

We were a bit pressed for time. Reason #1 - We got our new awesome iPhone 4's last night and of course we had to get them all synced. Reason #2 - We had a random guy stop us and start asking questions about the buggs. Reason #3 - 24 Hour Fitness cannot get their shit together! Check in and somehow they claim I have not paid Kid's Club dues and they are a week past due. I don't know WHAT they did when they revamped their policies last month, but everything is still the same and they are morons.

Less than ten days until the next half, and I'm relieved to be sick NOW instead of them (at least I better be cured by then).

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