Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Friday, June 4

I was on the fence about what to do for my last workout before my next half marathon. W had suggested that I work on the "fast feet" - well, it was 94 degrees when I got off work, so I didn't even want to TRY an outdoor workout.

I decided on... slow warm up:

Then some "intervals" - which were really hard... I haven't done those in months. I was doing 2 min fast and I think it figured out to 4 min slow. Well, I ended up only doing about 2 sets before I started feeling really... "blah" so I decided to rest a bit and did some walking:

I still had some time, so I decided to do another jog/run at a faster pace than the warm-up:

Decently hard day on the treadmill, but I was feeling good about the miles and pace, and felt about as good as I ever do when I finished. Next time I run? 13.1

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