Thursday, June 3, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Wednesday, June 2

I love being able to say "It could have been worse" and actually mean it. This was my last long(ish) training run before my next half on Sunday. Continuing to believe W is a genius, I planned on the "slow and steady" method to running. By about 40 minutes in, I was feeling better and increased the pace just a bit (so probably not as slow as it should have been).

I actually did a cool down of longer than a minute or two (pretty rare of late, but my muscles have been feeling tight and a bit sore so I thought it might be helpful):

And remember when I said that half the fun of exercise are all the cute outfits? Well, any day that we only run is usually awesome running skirt day! Technically these are tennis skirts, but same concept. Matchy, matchy!!! (Thanks for the awesome picture quality, piece-of-crap iPhone):

In other random fitness related news. While I was on vacation last week, my long awaited and anticipated bugg finally showed up. I'm happy to report that while I was sadly misjudging the number of calories I burn in my classes, the treadmill is actually pretty accurate (the bugg boasts a 90% accuracy).

Anyway, here is a screen shot of my same run period, reported from the bugg:

The verdict? Treadmill says I burned 631.8 and the bugg said 694. All treadmill asks is age, so I believe the bugg is correct. Heh.


  1. Wow. You ARE matchy matchy. I like it! I think I need a trip to the Nike store before Saturday.

  2. I AM a genius. But the slow only works if you do the speed work too. We'll get you there. Happy you got the bug. Maybe I can borrow it one day just to see :)

  3. Giraffy - I just LOVE the Nike store. LOVE.IT.
    W - I will try the speed work today if I manage to get off soon enough. Otherwise I might just do the intervals...


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