Thursday, June 10, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Wednesday, June 9

Once again, I thought "it could have been worse" - and I meant it!! Only 3.5 days after finished my last half marathon, and time for me to run again. I planned on taking it slow and if anything hurt or I got too fatigued I would stop. Well, it didn't suck at all, and I ran the full hour (a bit faster than the "slow" pace I'm supposed to be doing). I consider that a win:

It should also be noted that I also did a 5 min walk warm up (which I never do) and was followed up with a nice walk on level 5 incline (which I also never do). The bugg is now a constant reminder that if I have the extra time and energy I should do just a little more. I need to shed what I gained during "May Madness"

In other sorta-but-not-really fitness related news... I sorta get obsessed about things (if you hadn't noticed). Last month I had done a custom hoodie - which I realized I haven't worn, or photographed. But, it IS summer, so I'll get to it. In the realm of "customization" - I also decided, hey, it would be neat to add something to it. FINALLY (after the company doing it wrong the first time), I have the first in the series:

So, the patch has the course, city/state, date, and time (the one shown is L's, she is faster than me). The colors are custom and no, it wasn't random choosing those colors! I plan to do the patch colors being as close as possible to the race shirts (which for Canyonlands were this hideous lime green and royal blue).

There you have it, I probably have all sorts of OCD, but I think it's pretty awesome. Now to figure out how and where to sew these on the hoodies.

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