Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's a 1/2marathon-a-thon!!!

It’s a 1/2marathon-a-thon!

Who: Rebecca & Laura
What: Running 13.1 miles to raise money for the AHEPA to earn a coveted position (available ONLY to fundraisers) to run in the Athens Marathon on October 31, 2010 in Greece
Where: Foot Traffic Flat Half Marathon in Sauvie Island, OR
When: July 4, 2010

In addition to raising money for a great cause, the top pledge will walk away with 10% of all money we raise (in the form of a Visa gift card)! Your donation to the AHEPA is 100% tax deductible and you will receive a receipt via email for your donation.

To pledge for Rebecca (aka Squirrelgirl):
Rebecca's Pledge Site

To pledge for Laura:
Laura's Pledge Site


Q: Where can I find out more about the AHEPA and why you are fundraising?
A: AHEPA and their involvement in fundraising for the Athens Marathon

Q: Is the 10% only for each pledge or overall?
A. The 10% award for the top pledge is pooled between both of us. Example: Rebecca raises $400, Laura raises $300. The top pledge gave Rebecca money. They would receive a giftcard for $70.

Q: I have already made a donation to either Rebecca or Laura, can I get in on this?
A: Any donations previous to June 10 are not included in the pledge contest.

Q: What part of my pledge is made public?
A: Pledges/donations are all visible through the link. If you choose to remain anonymous, there is an option to do so, otherwise your name is public, as is the donation/pledge amount. Also, your pledge is made through a secure website and we do NOT ever see your credit card information. Currently accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting my pledge?
A: All pledges must be submitted by 8:00 pm, July 3 to be eligible for the 10% prize. Of course, the donation links will be up until the end of August and we will graciously accept any and all donations.

Join our Facebook group here !!

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