Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Treadmill Training Run - Monday, June 14

Treadmill run? On a Monday? But I never run on Monday... Well. I realized that Kaua'i Marathon is less than 3 months away, and we have yet to complete a  run longer than a half marathon. Training needs to get kicked into high gear.

Problem: Hills.  So I *finally* am able to get the elevation profile for the marathon. Um...

It's even worse than I imagined. Soooo much uphill. Which we have not trained at ALL. Blah. So the solution for that was this nifty program that I will call in future blogs - "the Kauai program"

Yes. It is just as miserable as it looks. Each dot represent just over 2 minutes. So only about 6 minutes were with no incline. Max incline of 7.0. I intended to do a slower speed, and walked a bit for the peaks. If this is ANY indication of what Kaua'i is going to be like, I might have to revise my goal to 6 hours. Eeek. Completion of the program looked like this overall:

The second problem being miles/time - so even though I had just suffered through an hour of TOUGH jogging (my calves were burning), I did another 25 minute slow jog with a 5 minute cool down:

It wasn't the worst workout ever, but, yeah. I can honestly say I'm not really looking forward to this part of the training.

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  1. one comment on training for hills. be careful adding too many new hill workouts into your program at once, can cause strain on knee.

    One thing I learned from training for the Hood to Coast race (while training in KS!) was that nothing I did on the treadmill could simulate the strain on my quads of downhill. Following the downhill advice in Chi Running helped considerably.

    Good luck and great job sticking to your goals.


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