Monday, September 10, 2018

Week in Review (August 28 - September 3)

Tuesday (8,153 steps) - NOTHING!
Wednesday (18,198 steps) - Core & strength at the gym. We did the core in circuits using the TRX, and it was pretty tough. Strength was even harder since I was the only one. I picked up A during my lunch break. After work we went to Denver Roost's off site run club at Banded Oak.

I ran with Susan, Maureen & Colfax - it was probably the best I have felt during a run in ages. Had food and beer, then headed home to pack up the car.
Thursday (9,027 steps) - Vacation day 1!
Friday (10,409 steps) - Vacation day 2!
Saturday (40,243 steps) - Vacation Day 3 - The Rut 28k!
Sunday (23,290 steps) - Vacation Day 4!
Monday (29,860 steps) - See vacation recap

  • 139,180 steps
  • 19.1 miles run
  • One trip to the gym and six hikes totaling over 20 miles!

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